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Can You Love Pop Music And Not Support Transgendered People’s Rights? How…

I could start with Little Richard, the world wasn’t ready for a homosexual, born to cross dress, rock and roll black person (if anybody was born to use a they/they/them it is Lil Richard), or jump to Jayne County in the 70s, or the entire world of glam, everywhere you turn boys are girls and girls are boys.

But in 2022, the trans community are ready to go to battle and while the anti-woke world (the extremes of conservatism and liberalism agree on some things) are rigid in their dismissal of gender not being as immutable as sex, sex is biology, gender is social. Men and women can certainly choose their own gender, if not them, who is gonna chose it for them?

The response is as though someone took a wrecking ball to a pendulum. The often heard that gender rights go too far is beside the point. The thing about minority rights is that in theory and in hope, the pendulum will go to the advantage of the transgendered and everybody knows it, so they change it by attacking the LGBTQ+ community for things that are besides the point of the pendulum:

1 – women and sports: the complaint is that women can not complete with transitioned men to women. Fair enough, but it is hardly the end of the world and when things find the pendulum balanced we can work it out.

2 – women don’t want other women taking a stall in a stall next to them. First of all, unisex toilets are nothing new, but even so: what sort of half wit believes people transition so they can share a bathroom with other women? What sort of nonsense is that? It is the sort of nonsense that makes a selling point for transphobia even though there isn’t one example of a transgender woman attacking anyone in restrooms. AND IT IS BESIDES THE POINT.

3 – Grooming… really? Grooming? If I read it correctly people are scared that trans or gay teachers will groom children into changing gender. That’s almost unbelievably stupid and scary. Children know what they want and there is zero problem with children playing with gender roles and TEACHERS DON’T DO THAT

3 – Transgendered people’s demands for right are dangerous. There is only one real danger for transgender people and it is being thrown out of their homes, hustling on the very, very mean streets and quite possibly being murdered because of some closeted lunatic stuck between shame and desire.

The truth is, transgendered people deserve unstinting support. Instead, folks from both sides of the aisles are terrified by them. Why? Their basic human rights is not merely trampled on, it can be trampled to death.

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