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Brilliant Star Wars-Famous Album Covers Mash Ups

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Some people have a real talent to use the moment… A character who goes under the funny name of Whythelongface, is recreating iconic cover albums using Star Wars memes and themes, and it sometimes works so well, it is eerie.

Who would have though that a mash-up AC/DC R2/D2 would look so perfect? You will recognize many famous albums on his Instagram page, and I have selected a few of my favorite ones…

Amazingly, Princess Leia is fitting very well as any cover girl, from Bjork to FKA Twig or Taylor Swift, there is no hesitation at recognizing the original! The Nirvana themes are totally perfect too, and may be the best one is that Fleetwood Mac cover… It almost looks like Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks’ outfits were an inspiration for Han Solo and Leia…

Lando is not in this recent Star Wars episode, but we can presume he will be present soon, so that Prince mash-up is relevant and also brilliant,,, then Pink Floyd, David Bowie go very well with a star Wars theme…. And look, there is even an Elliott Smith’s Figure 8/BB8 one.

These are the memes of the season, and you can check Why the Long Face‘s page to discover many others.

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