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Brief Encounters: New Recordings 2-26-21 – 3-4-21Reviewed

The American Negro – Adrian Younge –  usually known for his soundtracks to blacksploitation like “Luke Cage,” here he mixes up black matters with jazz and spoken – C

HAPPY 2 BE HERE (Anniversary Edition) – Ant Clemons – Kanye find adds a song to last years breakthrough EP, sweet as molasses, smooth jazz flicked, success – B+

Detroit Stories – Alice Cooper – Alice returns to his childhood heroes, using local musicians and classic rockers (the “Rock And Roll” that opens the set is killer) with an old school selectism that sounds like classicism – A-

Everything Nice – Arm’s Length – emo rock lives on in a bland but still deeply felt set – C

1970 – Bob Dylan – released due to popular demand in response to Europe’s wacky licensing laws,  the May 1st 1970 recording session with George Harrison is a  loose and wooly thing and makes the $40 investment a must buy – A-

Landscapes – Braam Brothers – 70s style Yacht Rock as Americana aloneness by the brothers Braam, guitar oriented yet widescope moodiness and a clear and present sense of mutated nostalgia… a definitive low key classic rock – B+

A N N I V E R S A R Y (Deluxe) – Bryson Tiller – The soul man adds a third (five songs) including a winner with Big Sean – B

The Shadow I Remember – Cloud Nothings – The pop indie singer songwriter who became the leader of the post-hardcore hybrid and maintained tone for sure, but here returns to the melodiousness that made  his name in a fine return to all his strengths – B+

Harlecore – Danny L Harle – funny name, but post-harlecore electronica – C

The Truth Hurts – Drakeo the Ruler – West Coast OG, out of jail and online with Drake, not that memorable except what a flow this guy has, herky jerky double rhymes – B+

Duke Nukem – Duke Deuce – the return of crunk rap anthems featuring the likes of Offset, A$AP Ferg, and Young Dolph -heavy and light at the same time, it is using a battering ram on a sound souffle… no Lil Jon so he must be feeling self confident – B+

Violent Closure – GEL – New Jersey hardcore as punk rock abattoir of raw – B

Living The Dream (Deluxe Edition) – Hailey Whitters – “Funded in part by royalties from Little Big Town’s cut of her song ” Happy People’, Iowa native/Nashville resident Hailey Whitters released her 2nd studio album “The Dream ” last year,” according to Think  Country Music (here), I’ll tell you something: I missed “Ten Year Town” for no reason I can fathom – B+

Coyote Cry – Ian Munsick – country singer songwriter from wyoming, as bland as humanly possible – C-

Little Oblivions – Julien Baker – Julien sounds so committed to her story, the 25 year old alcoholic who reneges on god (the big oblivion) for sex (the little oblivion), her voice is her reason and her words are the sort of words you’d want them to be: “Pass out in the back of a cab, could you pull over? I think that I’m trapped. There has been a whole lotta Julien passed out over the years, she sounds like a reborn Conor Oberst – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – A-

Life Support – Madison Beer – electronic singer songwriter with slow and deep songs that are also boring – C-

Mikey Erg – Mikey Erg – The Ergs drummer stays close to home with a first rate rate collection of three chord punk rock, including a stellar cover of “Spin The Black Circle” which is, if anything, a better barnburner than Pearl Jam’s original – B+

CARNAGE – Nick Cave, Warren Ellis – lclearly it is no Ghosteen, but the first half is as upset and the second half is his most inviting work since Dig, Lazarus, Dig – A-

Way Down In The Rust Bucket (Live) – Neil Young, Crazy Horse – From a 1990 concert with the entire 1990s, maybe Neil’s second best decade, just waiting – B+

Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea – Demos – PJ Harvey – pointless in a pointed way the way the GOAT Bring His Love To Me wasn’t, I don’t really care that much one way or the other, her New York album was her fifth great work in a row and I am more than happy to listen to a stripped down version – A

Speak Less – Pulses. – biracial post-punk, post-hardcore, riff monster of a band with a great drummer – B+

Polydans – Roosevelt – one man band electronica, the songs are hooky but stale – C+

Genesis of Terrian – Terrian – The best way to hear CCM is this Gospel but really r&B workouts – B

WAЯ – The Alarm – Punk rockers came as close as anyone to being the next Clash and then the next U2, and now the next Massive Attack? well, no, but it is as business as usual rock punk add to sked – C

Black History Always / Music For the Movement Vol. 2 – Various Artists – “he EP is the second volume of the ongoing project between The Undefeated, ESPN’s content initiative exploring the intersection of sports, race and culture, and Hollywood Records” – oh – C+

That’s Life – Willie Nelson – Willie Nelson’s second album of Frank Sinatra covers, That’s Life, is no Triplicate, isn’t changing Sinatra from strings to strings and making it a great art variant, but it has a smooth and lovely swing to it even on “In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning” –  B-

Look What You’ve Done – Zara Larsson – nice voice and a sound straight out of the 00s, Swedish dance stuff – B-

…If You Don’t Save Yourself – Zero 9:36 – rap rock is still around, with Travis Barker adding drums to the loud and quiet, electronic mix of  a sound big… in the 90s – C+

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