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Björk Announces ‘Utopia’ With A Vagina-Inspired Album Cover

Björk’s ‘Utopia’


Björk can certainly do whatever she wants, she is the ice queen of weird, the impress of avant garde, but why did she put a vagina on forehead on the cover of her upcoming album ‘Utopia’? She posted the artwork, designed by artist Jesse Kanda, on her social media with this caption:

‘i am so overwhelmingly humble while announcing my album utopia is coming out end of nov . i can´t wait for you to hear it . this is the cover made by the warm extraordinary talented @truekanda and was assisted by me, @james.t.merry and @isshehungry . thank you for telepathically getting me !! over the moon and jupiter gratitudes to magical @arca1000000 for making the music of this album with me : what a profound and nourishing trip this has been !!! thousandfold appreciation and headbowing . hope you like it , warmth , björk’

But this is obvious that this thing on her face looks like a flower growing like a vagina, and the vision of it can be a real distraction. She resembles an alien with dark fury hair (didn’t they try that kind of makeup in some episode of Star Treck?) or a cosmic Geisha with a dead bird fetus nested in her neck, holding a mysterious flute-like object as if she was about to cut someone’s throat. And at the top of this, the whole thing shines as if she were wearing a wet ghoulish mask. Björk is strange but the preciosity of this coverart, with the pearly objects on her skin, just equals its repugnancy. I know it was just Halloween the other day but I am not sure about the message, does she wants to transcend our species? Or is she affirming her femininity even more with this disturbing vaginal makeup? May be she was just inspired by Leaf-Nosed Bats, we will never know.

‘Utopia’, her ninth solo studio effort, will be released on November 24th, a follow up of her 2015 ‘Vulnicura’. ‘The last album, we sort of call it ‘hell,’’ she said. ‘It was like divorce! So we are doing paradise now. Utopia. We have done hell, we have earned some points.’

The album was co-produced by Venezuelan DJ Arca, who wrote in his own Instagram account:

the soft merge that yielded this album has been one of the most oxygenating experiences i’ve had in my lifetime.
can i be a little sentimental? i cherish every single moment in the 2+ year journey of this album with you and james and jesse. the licking raindrops out of the salty air in the tropics & listening for birds, swimming in green rivers, the fires crackling through snow … the dark grey storm and the luminous rainbow that flooded the air after. it floods me still each day and with colors i didn’t know.
this album truly carries a piece of utopia for me— one that is already smilingly real.
unquantifiable, hundreds of thousands of sparkles effortlessly magicked by the regal’

No wonder that these people work with Björk! In any case this album promises to be some piece of work if it can be judged by its cover.


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