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Biding Our Time: Wednesday, May 26th, 2021


The Knicks Return To The Playoffs: For the first time since 2013, the Knicks are back in the playoffs, and though they lost game one (center Julius Randle was at his personal worse and Trae Young was on fire), but I bet the basketball heroes get it right tonight).

Atmospheric: at less than 100% capacity and with everyone in masks away from their seats, nothing could stop the fans at MSG from rattling the rafters till Trae shut us down. Knick lost by one hoop.

Yankees: Though they lost yesterday, the Yanks are a must see at the stadium, enjoy the 30% capacity where there is no lines for anything.

George Floyd – a year after his murder, George Floyd makes a great example for Police Brutality (have you seen the video? it is just about impossible to watch) because Floyd wasn’t an angel, passing fake bills is one thing but his record, between 1997 and 2005 was pretty bad, he was convicted of eight crimes. He served four years in prison after accepting a plea bargain for a 2007 aggravated robbery in a home invasion… But that is indifferent, this should be a land of law and the punishment for slipping a fake bill is not death by asphyxiation. The refusal to follow the law is enough to make his death a case of murder, the cops would have lynched him if there had been no one around.

Tom Stoppard: I am reading Hermione Lee’s exhaustive biography of the best, maybe second best, modern day playwright. I read his last play, the excellent “Leopoldstadt” (yet to be produced here)about the final solution to the Jewish problem, and it is a masterpiece. But between the also excellent “The Invention Of Love” and “Leopoldstadt” there was a  second tier run of Stoppard including “The Coast Of Utopia,” “Rock N Roll,” (Stoppard is lousy on modern music) and “The Hard Problem” which is like an under conceptualised “Arcadia”. The only one between them that is good enough, his radio play “Darkside,” takes the Pink Floyd album and tacks on a psychological puzzle.

Another Tack At Racism: doesn’t it seem that black people in the States have much in common with Jewish people in Europe at the turn of the century. With Trump on the horizon for 2024, black people can’t believe their own eyes, they are safe in a cocoon of it couldn’t happen here, just like the Austrian-Jewish population. But it certainly can and if Trump gets in, it certainly might as he has one year in which to take over country before he loses the House.

The Mayoral Race For New York: In these extreme partisan time, it will be a decidedly democratic Mayor, but which of the candidates? If you can get past the accusation of sexual harassment, Scott Stringer deserves it, if you can’t and if you can get past with Eric taking kickbacks ten years ago, try Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

Back In The Office: I know one major advertising  company planning to return after Labor Day cut back from five floors in midtown to three…

Seem Emily Play: I am around a third of the way through the first edit… and hating it…


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