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Biding Our Time: Thanksgiving 2021

Titus Andronicus: I was planning to go to Music Hall Of Williamsburg to see the final night of Patrick Stickles and his band’s tenth anniversary of one of the greatest albums of all time, The Monitor. I tried to get in touch with Patrick but failed, and I would have bought a tix except from where I live it takes three trains and a fifteen minute walk to get there. And Bowery Presents streamed it live so I watched it that way. I don’t wanna review it right now, but I will say that after “The Boys Are Back In Town,” the following six songs, a track an album, segueing together, made an excellent retort to naysayers (like me). “Fatal Flaw” is one of his greatest moments and “Tumult Around The World” a masterpiece. The album performance had some backing tapes but was essentially re-arranged for guitars only.

The USA Today: There is nothing wrong with the States that a well educated populace can’t fix. It is a pity that we don’t have one. For no good reason, the South have started up the civil war again and if the worst president ever, Donald Trump, wins in 2024 and if you want to discover just how bad the death throes of democracy can be, elect him again. Clearly, the problem with the South isn’t African-Americans, or any other minority, it is an inability for Southerners to see white culture as a part and not a whole of North Americans. Our greatness is not at war of diversity, it is diversity: the mixing of DNA makes us stronger. Why not have it all? It’s in our grasp. Healthcare and taxes, social security and compassionate capitalism could save us. But it won’t. If the working class will not unionize and will allow capitalism to put a wedge between people who should be united in the face of pirates, liars, thieves, and imbedded, and stunningly useless, racism, they won’t be saved.

But country music is still great: I was discussing Morgan Wallen with my friend Tomás Doncker, I claimed that the cancel culture was stupid for their attack on Morgan (at the tail end of a three day drunken party, he said to his friends “Goodnight my n—–s” ), an insane overreaction. Doncker noted that whether he is a racist or otherwise, his fanbase certainly might be and his words act like a silent dog whistle giving them permission to act out their worst instincts. I agree, however, if the liberal establishment hadn’t overreacted to it, the redneck South wouldn’t have heard of it.

More country: just an FYI -it didn’t stop me from getting tickets and Luke Combs at MSG, February 2022 and next week respectively. Look, I’m the man who went to see Ted Nugent in 2017 (here) and I don’t care about your politics, I care about your music. Morgan and Luke are both songwriters and a pleasure. Personally, I consider them at least the equal of Jason Isbell and Drive-By Truckers. If it sucks, it sucks. Having said that, in the spirit of the times here is a quote from my live review: “It isn’t a sin to be poor and it isn’t a sin to be white, and it isn’t a sin to be ugly, but it is a sin to be an obese, stylistic horror show. The problem with the “shitkickers” bussed in from Jersey to BB Kings last night was not poverty (to be perfectly frank, they wouldn’t be there if they were on welfare) or their politics for that matter, but how godawful tasteless they look, with long ratty hair, huge tee shirts with the legend “No Gun No Glory” on the back, covering mounds of fat over baggy jeans. As glam taught us way back when, you don’t need money to dress cool. Just because you support your President you don’t have to dress like him, being poor is no excuse for looking like an extra in an attack of the zombie hillbillies directed by Dylan Mars Greenberg…” Or as my niece Kristin Diab put it: “Nugent can riff a guitar with the same gusto he can blast a buck with a rifle”.

Got Back: I haven’t watched Pete Jackson’s version of “Let It Be”, “Get Back”. At six hours I can’t even guess if it is any good. Certainly, there are some of The Beatles worst (relatively speaking if course) songs to date, by which I mean “Let It Be” and “The Long And Winding Road” and while “Get Back” is a masterclass, it is a masterclass I can’t hear anymore, while I listen to their first three albums (UK of course) all the time.

Rittenhouse and Trump: Kyle Rittenhouse should have been acquitted of all charges but he didn’t deserve to be acquitted. He deserved to spend his life in prison, at best. The problem is the “Stand your ground” law which plays out like a licensed to kill black men without provocation. Only a racist wouldn’t see that, a racist like this guy:

two racists

Live Nation: Live Nation are responsible for the deaths at Astroworld Fest and not Travis Scott…

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