Biding Our Time: Joe And The Rise Of The Welfare State

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Biden’s First Big Speech To Congress: Trump was such a terrible President that all Biden has to do is sit there and he is already much better. However, the US has a problem and that is the matrix that it has always worked behind:


The more capitalism you get, the less democracy, and when socialism veers towards communism, you are back to fascism, the more government involvement, the less democracy. whatever POTUS might say, these are not all great decisions because they are not all great choices: you need to have social amnesia to believe that government can run business better than business can. But you need to be insane to believe that effective capitalism is where 50 people have more money than the rest of the country combined. In theory, I have no problem with people making as much money as they can, what I have a problem with is when industry becomes monopoly.

What is needed is a middle ground for capitalism and democracy to work in lockstep. We need a society where big corporations driving trucks through tax laws is at the heart of cancel culture. I don’t want communism, I don’t even want socialism. I want a fair shakes capitalism where Reagan’s exalted morning in America dovetails from greed is good and becomes, follow the laws, pay the correct taxes, don’t monopolize business.

Which of the following Americans pay income tax?

Jeff Bezos
Mark Zuckerberg
Donald Trump
Bill Gates
Iman Lababedi

Just guess. The IRS hound me for $1K, but can’t get anything off these guys.

What is needed, certainly and absolutely, is trillions to rebuild the infrastructure and get people more jobs, but there must be a way to do it that rebuilds capitalism and hope for the lifeblood of the US back in the 1950s: small business.

Throwing money at the problem is all we can think of because the muddle is so deep that we can’t see the other side.

If the US Treasury are gonna print money like water, inflation will come next (it is already happening at your local supermarket, smaller sizes, higher prices: 50 cents on a piece of chocolate is 50% plus another 10% for the reduced side).

The truth is, I don’t see the politicians in 2021 getting us to the promised land and while I certainly prefer giving money to the poor than throwing it to the rich, I don’t see how we manage it.

Grade: B-


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