Be Here Now: New Albums 6-28-19 – 7-4-19 Reviewed

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The Balance – Abdullah Ibrahim – South African pianist adds under African skies vibe to smooth jazz – B

BTS WORLD (Original Soundtrack) – Various Artists – Lotsa background music, some featured artists added to BTS songs – C

Clareville Grove Demos – David Bowie – From his first band days – C+

10 Day – Chance the Rapper – First mixtape, hang in till late where “Prom Night” leads him into the future – B

Acid Rap – Chance the Rapper – A huge mixtape for him, it is the equal of Colouring Book – A

Indigo – Chris Brown – If he had released an EP instead of a a two and a half hour bore, it would have mattered – C

Dread & Terrible Project – 5th Anniversary (Deluxe Edition) – Chronixx – The one that introduced the rastaman with “Here Comes Trouble” adds three  dub tracks – B+

Alice By Heart (Original Cast Recording) – Duncan Sheik, Steven Sater – The musical was a horror and the songs from the show just as bad – MUST TO AVOID – D

Bandana – Freddie Gibbs, Madlib _ Freddie is pretty good Gangsta rap if you hadn’t just seen a concert with the likes of DMX, Madlibs backing tracks are insanely good experiemental jazz stuff – B

B-Sides – G-Eazy – Three B-Sides, abut the best you can expect from the man who dumped Halsey – C

OASIS – J Balvin, Bad Bunny – 8  songs, 6 first rate bangers, and better than both of their last albums – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – A-

Inner Monologue Part 2 – Julia Michaels – some very strong songs from the figted songwriter but less than thrilling siner and performer, “17” is especially good – B

Clarity – Kim Petras – First she released them all as singles, then she put them together as an album, a little on the flimsy side but with a certain amount of cool to em – B-

Perfect Ten – Mustard YG’s  producer adds rapper to his resume, though the net effect is mile – C+

DJ-Kicks (Peggy Gou) [DJ Mix] – Peggy Gou – Experimental electronica, via South Korea… a little goes a long way – C+

Deux frères – PNL – French lo-fi electronica plus rhymes, mood music for college kids spending the semester learning another language – C+

Sigma – The Alarm – A lousy hard rock album from the 80s bores – C-

Down To The River – The Allman Betts Band – Southern boogie with a soulful edge, but the songs suck – C+

“Let’s Rock” – The Black Keys – I read the raves and so I tried, this is classic rock of sorts, but the songs are just so bad and the voice so weak… it just isn’t good – C-

ANIMA – Thom Yorke – The movie is pretentious nonsense though beautiful to look at, the songs are paranoid androids with electronica to spare… salt to taste – B+

Hostile – Widmore – Dubbed a metalcore boyband, and not as bad as that sounds, this ten eminute EP is a complete blast – B

Lexicon – Will Young -One of those children of Robbie Williams, came through the reality contests trenches of “Pop Idol” back in the 00s and of a very, very bad lot, not the worst – C-

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