Bad Brains & Obey Giant: ‘Banned In Babylon’ At Subliminal Studios, Saturday July 23rd

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‘Playing guitar with the Bad Brains is like playing with the Beatles,’ said Moby who played with Darryl Jenifer of Bad Brains, Chuck Treece of McRad, Peter Stahl of Scream one of the most epic concerts I have seen this year. On Saturday night, Subliminal Projects and Obey Clothing were presenting ‘Banned In Babylon: The Art and Culture of Bad Brains, an exhibition featuring works on paper and paintings on canvas by Darryl Jenifer, photographs by Lucian Perkins, John Mousheghian, and Jeannie “Aunt Jean” Pawlowski, mixed-media paintings and prints by Shepard Fairey, and an assortment of memorabilia including rare vintage flyers, posters, and records. But for the grand opening of the exhibition, we were treated with a live performance in the small courtyard behind the Shepard Fairey’s studio. First, Trash Talk installed a level of chaos I had never seen before, I must say that frontman Lee Spielman gave a performance which surpassed all the previous ones, he excited the crowd until everyone riot, triggering a full body adrenaline rush and letting the security absolutely powerless.

Then super hardcore group with Darryl Jenifer, Chuck Treece, Peter Stahl, and Moby whipped the crowd with Bad Brains’ greatest hits from ‘Banned in D.C.’ to ‘Pay to Cum’, ‘Big Takeover’ and even a Hendrix cover. It was wild and epic, and it was a miracle nobody got hurt with all these bodies floating in the air in every direction. Dave Grohl even showed up and drummed for a song before taking a guitar for a few more tunes…The crowd was on fire, and there were real fires burning in the Santa Clarita mountains and downtown LA. What a day!

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