Jahn Xavier

Hurricane Randy Edelman Debuts at The Ice Palace

By Jahn Xavier | September 27, 2023

What if tomorrow vanished in a storm? The sky became an iridescent, silvery gray early on. As the hours passed one could notice the sky becoming swollen and shrouded in black thunderheads with the distant lightning glowing mutely like the crackling embers of smoke after the fire went out. But the Sayville ferries were still…

“Benny And The Jets” Basic Tracks Reviewed

By Jahn Xavier | March 21, 2021

the power and energy of the original take was never compromised

Yes, Him: Jahn Xavier Returns As A Soul Man Turned Poet

By Jahn Xavier | January 24, 2021

Each breath is a reminder

Ranking Rogers Remembered

By Jahn Xavier | March 27, 2019

I found him to be a good soul, and fun to be around

Jahn Xavier Remembers The Late Guitarist Adam Roth

By Jahn Xavier | December 17, 2015

I will always love you, my dear, talented, funny, soulful brother. You’re a part of me now, part of the heart of so many of us.