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A Partial List Of Permanently Closed Venues Across The Country

List Of Permanently Closed Venues

A partial list of permanently closed venues: the Satellite is on the list


The pandemic is not over, concerts and live events will eventually come back but meanwhile, it is time to count the many casualties. But there is still one good news: with the federal government’s $900 billion COVID-19 relief package, live venues will receive a part of the $15 billion Save Our Stages Act and this money will obviously be very welcomed by venues that have been forced to close at the beginning of the pandemic (March 2019) and are currently struggling.

According to Billboard, some of these venues tried to survive by taking on debt or benefiting from state or local concert-business bailouts, but many have closed, forever.

Save Our Stages Act is supposed to help the majority of the 3,000 venues that comprise the National Independent Venue Association, but some have already lost the battle. I know that because I live next to the Satellite in Silverlake, and the legendary venue will not reopen after the pandemic. It’s currently for sale and it will probably be turned into a hip Silverlake restaurant after the pandemic. Gentrification is the problem, a lot of independent venues in popular neighborhoods are operated on small budgets, with a DIY attitude. But when they are bought and transformed into fancy places there is no turning back, and finding another location with the rising cost of rents is out of the question.

Steven Severin, co-owner of Neumos in Seattle, told Billboard: ‘Music venues that are around started in the neighborhoods that were less than desirable, because you had to have cheap rent to be able to have that much space. As time goes on, they become more desirable and now, Neumos for example, is in an entertainment district. It used to be Auto Row. It’s not going to be new music venues that come in, it’s going to be condos.’

Venues are not only cultural centers but valuable economic drivers generating money for neighborhoods, attracting crowds, and even tourism. Lady Gaga once played the small Silverlake’s Satellite that is now closed, Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo once played the modest Hi Hat in Highland park, and the Rolling Stones once played the Echoplex… imagine the crowds that probably bought food and beverages in the local stores and restaurants.

We can only hope that the money will reach the right venues. However, according to Pollstar, plenty of people will be left without any help. Michael Strickland owner of Bandit Lites, a lighting company out of Knoxville, Tenn. told Pollstar: ‘Save Our Stages was like landing at the beach in Omaha, but we still have to get to Paris. It does not cover the majority of our industry. The majority of live event operators, promoters, talent reps, and production companies don’t qualify for the Save Our Stages aid.’

Unfortunately, the bill denies aid to independent contractors or some businesses, and according to Strickland, millions of live event workers will not receive any aid: ‘Artists, Performers and Musicians, Sound, Lighting, Video, Pyrotechnics, Lasers, Caterers, Rigging, Trucking, Busing, Staging, Wardrobe, Designers, Dancers, Festivals, Tours, Corporate Shows, Trade Shows, Conventions, Speakers, TV Studios and Stations, Radio Stations, Film, Theme Parks and attractions, Labor Companies, Freelance workers, Circuses, Fairs, Rodeos, Water Shows, Freight, Power, Radio Stations, Manufacturers, and many others’

‘For many in the live events industry this is a band-aid on a large cut,’ stated Jeanne Moran, spokesperson for the Save Live Events Now (#SLEN) coalition which issued a press release following congressional passage of Save Our Stages. ‘It helps to cover a portion of the cut, but doesn’t stop the bleeding.’

Meanwhile, here is the list of the permanently closed venues across the country, state by state. And I am still happy there’s not another name (besides the Satellite) added to the list of Los Angeles venues… so far

Partial List of Permanently Closed Venues


Tangled String Studios in Huntsville


The Greenroom in Flagstaff

Chicago Bar in Tucson


The Satellite in Los Angeles

Slim’s in San Francisco

The Graduate in San Luis Obispo

The Uptown in Oakland

Starline Social Club in Oakland (up for sale)


The Henry Strater Theatre in Durango

Intrinzik in Montrose

3 Kings Tavern in Denver

Live @ Jack’s in Denver

Le Cour Denver’s Art Bar in Denver

Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins

Local 46 in Denver

El Chapultepec in Denver

Zephyr Lounge in Aurora


MAC650 in Middletown


The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton


The Vista Room in Decatur

The Jinx 912 in Savannah

The Music Room in Atlanta

The Country Club Dancehall & Saloon in Augusta


IO Theater in Chicago


The Mill in Iowa City

Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines


Kanza Hall in Kansas City


Cosmic Charlie’s in Lexington


Port City Music Hall in Portland


The Soundry in Columbia


Great Scott (AEG) in Boston

The C Note in Hull

Thunder Road Music Club in Somerville

Bull McCabe’s in Somerville

The Cantab Lounge in Cambridge (up for sale)

Studio at 550 in Cambridge (relocating to unidentified location)

ONCE Lounge and Ballroom in Somerville

Gateway City Arts in Holyoke


Majestic Theatre in Detroit (up for sale)

Magic Stick Music Venue in Detroit (up for sale)


Honey in Minneapolis


The Ready Room in St. Louis

New York

Upright Citizens Brigade in New York

Burgundy Basin in Pittsford

Shetler Studios in New York

The Well in Bushwick

Copacabana in New York

North Carolina

The Mothlight in West Asheville

THE BLOCK off biltmore in Asheville


Wolf Den in Cleveland

Thursday’s Lounge in Akron

Stella’s Music Club in Cleveland

Nighttown in Cleveland (sold)


Brillobox in Pittsburgh

Warmdaddy’s in Philadelphia

Chameleon Club in Lancaster

The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh

Boot & Saddle in Philadelphia


Douglas Corner Cafe in Nashville

Songbirds in Chattanooga

The Willow Tree in Johnson City

Midtown Crossing Grill in Memphis


Lizard Lounge in Dallas

Threadgill’s in Austin

Shady Grove in Austin

Republic Country Club and BBQ in Houston

The Blue Light in Dallas

Gas Monkey Live in Dallas

Barracuda in Austin

Plush in Austin

Scratchouse in Austin

Tomcats West in Dallas

Big Texas Dance Hall & Saloon in Spring

The North Door in Austin

The Townsend in Austin

One-2-One Bar in Austin


Re-bar in Seattle

The Firefly Lounge in Bellingham

Tony V’s Garage in Everett

The Swiss in Tacoma

Louie G’s in Fife

The Pin in Spokane


Fire on Water in Milwaukee

Underground Collaborative in Milwaukee

Up & Under in Milwaukee

The Riverwest Public House Cooperative in Milwaukee

Washington, D.C.

Eighteenth Street Lounge

Twins Jazz

U Street Music Hall



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