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A Few More Details From James Safechuck’s Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson and James Safechuck


Since the airing of ‘Leaving Neverland’, fans, ex-fans, and non-fans are more divided than ever, everyone seems to have an opinion about Jackson, and the truthers have formed a ferocious army coming up with all sorts of insane rhetoric. However, denying facts has always been synonymous of following a cult to me, and this is what’s happening. The usual tactic for cult followers is to use the same vocabulary that would logically apply to themselves, to describe people they are fighting, and that’s why they are saying that the pro-Leaving Neverland crowd has been ‘brainwashed by a documentary’, and they are preaching their own set of ‘facts’… right, except that their so-called facts are pure lies and propaganda… Look at the ‘facts’ listed on the GoFundMe page that Jackson’s nephew, Taj Jackson, has launched to finance his own documentary which is supposed to vindicate his uncle… but first, let me ask a question, why does he need a GoFundMe page to make a movie when the Jackson estate has made more than $2 billion since his uncle’s death? Another way to suck money? The page denies the fact that Michael Jackson paid a settlement to avoid a criminal trial for child abuse whereas it’s well documented he did pay a large sum of money, and the page also denies that ‘the boy described MJ’s genitalia accurately’ whereas the ‘boy’ (i.e. Jordan Chandler) described accurately the marks on the singer’s genitalia… you can even download the official file of the superior court of California County of Santa Barbara which says he could exactly describe Jackson’s private parts, with a drawing matching the real vitiligo marks… I could go on.

However, the propaganda is powerful for the believers who are desperately trying to save what’s left of the broken empire, and Wade Robson and James Safechuck had to know about it, they knew they would be trashed, hit, intimidated and threatened, ready or not.

Both of them sued Michael Jackson a few years ago, and James Safechuck’s 54-page-lawsuit from 2016 was made public here. What else can we learn besides the details of the sexual abuse already on full display in the movie? Going through these pages, you realize that the impact that Michael Jackson had on James’ life was even more insidious than you could imagine.

– Jackson controlled his early awaken to his heterosexuality:

After months of sexual abuse, James says he was confused about his sexuality and was wondering if he was gay. However, he had a crush on Sheryl Crow who was Jackson’s back-up singer at the time, and this made Jackson jealous. He then showed to James ‘photographs of Sheryl Crow without her make-up on in an attempt to dissuade him from finding her attractive’. And this has to be the idea of a man who had a deep hatred of women as ‘Jackson consistently talked about women in a negative manner, and would point out to James what he considered to be their physical flaws’,… telling James that ‘women were smart, conniving and not to be trusted’.

Further damage was made later:

Telephones were tapped at Neverland and Jackson and James were listening to tapped phone conversations. Once, he made James listen to a call between his mother and his aunt where his mother was saying something negative about James’ father, to what Jackson added ‘Look how mean women are.’ Imagine the impact that this type of conversation may have made on an impressive young mind.

A bit later, James said he had a ‘girlfriend’ at school, and Jackson told him he could only have a relationship with him.


– Jackson also ruined James’ school attendance and results:

Jackson told James to turn his focus away from scholastics and towards becoming a director. Jackson told James’ parents he didn’t need to go to college and convinced them to remove him from AP courses. James never got the university education that he wanted because Jackson thought that college was a waste of time and managed to persuade his parents.


– Jackson was installing fear in James’ young mind and getting total control over his victim:

Jackson would sometimes say that people were taking pictures of them while they were engaging in sexual activity, and he had a light outside of his bedroom that he would flash to resemble a camera bulb flashing. I bet this was getting him excited! But this made James cried.


– There is also another aspect of the story, as the lawsuit is aiming at managing agents and employees of MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures:

All these people are frequently mentioned in the lawsuit as they were taking care of lodging and other arrangements such as James could be secluded with Jackson and the parents would have a suite in a distant part of the hotel when they were on tour. ‘They were acting as ‘madams’ or ‘procurers’ of child sexual abuse victims for Jackson’.


– Since employees were around all the time, and some of them witnessed suspicious activities. But what they were told just confirms the abuse:

Despite all the precautions Jackson was taking when he was engaging in sexual activity with James, one of the employee, Mariano Quindoy, was suspicious, and he said there was gossip amongst the staff. His suspicions were confirmed when Norma Staikos, Jackson’s personal assistant, told him ‘to never leave children alone in a room with Michael Jackson’. This same Norma Staikos was nevertheless arranging meetings between Jackson and children and their families. Staikos warned other employees ‘to never leave their son alone with the star’, which demonstrates there was a complicity between the pop star and certain employees.


The lawsuit gives more insight into the sick mind of the King of pop, but it also clearly states that this terrifying machinery would not have survived for so long without the complicity of Neverland’s high ranking employees.


Safechuck v MJJ Companies S… by on Scribd


  1. Shell on April 12, 2019 at 1:40 pm

    Where is Jimmy SafeChucks settlement money? Did it dry up? How come Wade was fired from the estate and even dated Marlins daughter? Sounds fishy?

    • Alyson on April 18, 2019 at 2:51 am

      no it doesn’t. But the fact that MJ spent hundreds of nights alone with little boys doesn’t sound fishy to you?

      • Blaker on May 6, 2019 at 4:18 pm

        The FBI did an investigation they found nothing !!!!! He is innocent.

        Hmm not totally true people. Police found quite an extensive porn library on his various computers, magazines and even a couple artsy books with boys in swim wear and even nude photographs in these books, but Jackson’s lawyer was right on top of this because it it not illegal to own such material so it is useless to use in a court of law.
        Wade robson seems like a tool bag in real life and I’m sure he is. But man that interview he did as a kid defending Michael you can totally see in his eyes and body language that he is Hiding something, protecting his friend.

        And all the pics of jimmy and micheal. They are on you tube. Just look at them.

        • Jane on June 29, 2019 at 11:52 am

          I don’t know if Michael Jackson is guilty but replies like yours, Blaker, make me staunchly pro-Jackson at least as far as it inspires more exploration of the facts, because your stance on Jackson is based on lies. THERE WAS NO PORN LIBRARY, THERE WAS NOTHING FOUND ON HIS COMPUTERS – SPECIFICALLY HIS COMPUTERS NOTHING. The stupidity of people like you makes defending MJ almost an automatic response. You are doing yourself and his alleged victims no service by making things up and repeating lies you heard. DO SOME GODDAMN RESEARCH.

          • Alyson on July 1, 2019 at 2:51 pm

            Jane, don’t be ridiculous, there was a lot of porn-related material seized at Neverland, you can download the official court documents from the SB court website… do you think the Barely Legal magazines were planted? As for the computers, the hard drives were fried. Even Sean Lennon said he watched porn when he stayed at Neverland when he was a child.

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