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A Father Uses Baby Noises To Cover AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’

Baby Noises To Cover AC/DC



What do you do when you are at home with a baby and feel sonically creative? Matt MacMillan got the idea to record baby noises of his son Ryan for a year, he then put them in his computer and sorted them by pitch.

After figuring out the notes of the beginning of the song ‘Thunderstruck,’ he assembled the clips into a YouTube video to make us believe that the baby is singing the famous AC/DC ‘90s classic, which starts with Angus Young’s great electrifying guitar solo.

MacMillan posted the video plus another video to explain the process, explaining he spent a lot of time sorting the 83 clips by pitch while trying to figure out the note of each clip and assembling them to resemble the song. Since he also wanted to add some beats, he decided to make some with baby Ryan’s adorable sneezing noises and a few other sounds that happy babies make when they hit sofas and other surfaces. The result is very cute, although it sounds a bit crazy. In the end, the 2-minute video seems to have been a lot of work, and was all this process worth Matt’s time? Of course, it was a work of love, for the baby and AC/DC I guess… Plus the video ‘Baby Ryan sings AC/Dc’ has already received more than 337,000 views and counting, something that will make the father of such a cute guy very proud.

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