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$400 And a Useless Verified Fan Code Later, I Get A Nosebleed For Taylor Swift Next May 2023 At MetLife

The first time I saw Taylor Swift was opening for Tim McGraw in 2006, pushing her terrific eponymous debut album with classics like “Our Song”, “Teardrops On My Guitar” and, ahem, “Tim McGraw” and I haven’t missed a tour since! Even Loverboy, I caught what would have been the heart of the show at Jingle Ball. And tours? Fearless, Speak Now, Red (twice), 1989, and Reputation. I saw the lot. Red was best but none of them were bad.

If there is a clear complaint about Taylor Swift it is that she tends to always perform her latest album along with a handful of oldies, still we suck it up because, because, because it is Taylor. And we watched her immense audience grow and grow till the insanity of today.

Today, Ticketmaster crashed because the platform put everything on sale at the same time, a really bad, bad, not good way to force me to blow $400 not including oxygen mask and even so, and even including expensive dynamic pricing being brought under control after the Bruce disaster, it was a bummer and very expensive. I received my code, I went online and got stuck but within THREE HOURS I was at the top of the list when there was the dreaded error “507”. Anyway, by the time I got on the presale it was sold out.

I am not the fan I was in 2013, that Red was a great album but the show at the Prudential (Ed Sheeran opening) was even better, better than her return later that summer at MetLife. Red was followed by “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space” and there you have Swift at the top of her skill set, teaching Max Martin how Swift is Swift for sure. But that was it…

Shall we do this:

Studio albums:
Taylor Swift (2006) – A-
Fearless (2008) – A
Speak Now (2010) – A
Red (2012) – A+
1989 (2014) – B
Reputation (2017) – B-
Lover (2019) – C+
Folklore (2020) – B+
Evermore (2020) – B
Midnights (2022) – B


Fearless (Taylor’s Version) (2021) – B-
Red (Taylor’s Version) (2021) – A- (because of the ten minute “All Too Well”)

So the trajectory is self-evident even as her level of fame, money, success, etc, goes through the roof. She is living the sort of life that beggars the imagination, the other day on Fallon Springsteen said he was going to the concert with his daughter, now that’s the stuff of dreams. But she can’t compose songs the way she could, making because 32 year old women in a romantic relationship for years isn’t as interesting as a teenage girl crying in the rain. Which we can live with if the song was a good.

On stage, well…

Tim McGraw Tour – B+

Fearless – A-

Speak Now – A

Red – A+

Reputation – B+

Lover (no tour but I saw her perform a good half hour at Jingle Ball of what might have been) – A

Indeed, all the Jingle Ball sets were great with the one where she turned 25 at, ahem, midnight, best…

Anyway, there was no extant reason for me to buy the ticket now. YET, if the ticket cost $125 (probably) $400 isn’t all so outrageous (currently the price is $475) and while many things may happen till then but at least it is one last thing to think about.

As for Ticketmaster, this unbelievable botch job was pretty awful: it had Ocasio-Cortez calling for the dissolution of the Ticketmaster-Live Nation monopoly; we agree in theory, in practise it had nothing to do with the platform collapsing: that was an internal mistake, underestimating the response. TM claimed the response to the onsale has been unprecedented and with an album that put ten singles in the top ten two weeks ago, I don’t know how they missed the warning signs. TM proudly announced that they had sold hundreds of thousands of tickets to Taylor, which is their job anyway and if all they did was sell out Metlife and Sofi Stadium, that alone would account for around 750K.

Meanwhile, Taylor is remaining mum on the entire subject (an occasional congrats to folks on twitter who got the tix but that’s it)The saddest thing I saw was a tweet from a woman without a verified code hoping that $50 nosebleeds will still be available (they never were in New York -$99 was the cheapest) because it’s all she can afford.

Me? …. $400 later at least she is promising a greatest hits…

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