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10 Songs: Thursday, January 28th, 2016


1 – Disco Inferno – The Trammps – In memory of the late great T.J. Tindall, I’ve been blasting this awesome piece of disco, a groove that won’t stop and the solo? That’s T.J. Reminds me of a thousand nights at a 100 discos -Sidings, Slack Alice, many many more – A

2 – The Slider – Ty Segall – From the amusingly  named Ty Rex, that I missed last year because the man just won’t take a damn breather, this is his best Bolan cover – B+

3 – EOS – Rostam – Excuse me for wishing this was a little better, it is a typical sound feast a la Brooklyn collective five years past. He quit vampire weekend for this? Why not do both? – B-

4 – Not A Little Bit – K Michelle – Cmon girl, a little effort here. This is as obvious as r&b can get – C+

5 – Roses – The Chainsmokers, Rozes – Well, you can heart why it is popular, very sticky verse, great little sample, cool snappy beat – B

6 – Bank Robber – Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros – As I have spent the past couple of days re-imagining Joe Strummer, I’ve also been listening to his solo stuff. This is a late live version with Mick Jones joining him on stage – A

7 – Lover Doll – Elvis Presley – Off King Creole, it is as gooey and charming as you can imagine – A

8 – The Valley – Miguel – One of last year’s best songs, on one of last year’s best album. He gets Prince right – A

9 – Kissing Break – The I Don’t cares – They sound like the Wiggles, or maybe an alt Jonny and June, but in a good way – B+

10 – Throw Down Your Guns – Wild Belle – Buzzed much synth duo meets the Kills… they need to do better than this – C+

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