XTC "Making Plans For Nigel" Reviewed

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There I was a in the middle of the night (literally it was like 2 am) in pitch dark most likely munching on carrots and the only glow in the room was the TV.  On came this lovely number by XTC

The year I am unsure of.  The song came out in 1979 but the video must have been much later- anyone know?  Nope you don't but I do, the video was directed by Russell Mulcahy and released in 1982.  This damn thing scared the pants off me and may well have made me the weirdo I am today.

The mental institution them with the hypnotic sound was just intensified by Colin Mouldings adorable mouth.  Seriously get a load of it.  I'm surprised he wasn't a pin up and where the hell is he now anyway?  Hes the British David Cassidy.

XTC is one of the most under rated bands of their time- this song seems to be the most popular and with a little leg work I was able to score this cool quote from Colin about the songs meaning:

“Partly biographical, this one. My dad prompted me to write it. He wanted a University future for me and was very overpowering in trying to persuade me to get my haircut and stay on at school. It got to the point where he almost tried to drag me down the barber's shop by my hair. As it happens, the whole thing got decided by my headmaster who expelled me for keeping it long. My dad was a bit cut up, I think. I know the song tells of a slightly different situation but it all boils down to the same thing – parental domination. Looking back, I think he saw playing with ‘Andy Partridge's mob’ as a bad influence on me. I think now he's proud of me, although he would never let on, he's that sort of bloke.”

Its a great tune with a killer bass.  Dated and silly now it certainly made the early MTV videos look like the garbage they were.


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