Would You Attend A Show Before There Is A Vaccine?

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Show Before There Is A Vaccine

A Show Before There Is A Vaccine


Oh My Rockness, who used to be one of the best sources to inform me about the shows in my town — but this will come back, at some point —  just published the results of a survey based on the simple question ‘Would you attend a show before there is a vaccine?’ The results are in…

They asked the question to people living in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other regions and they published the results in this histogram above. The most surprising part is the answer coming from New York City:  New Yorkers, despite being hit by the coronavirus crisis in a much more dramatic way than Los Angelenos, are the readiest for a show! 54 % voted yes and 46 % voted no. In contrast, only 48 % of Los Angelenos voted yes and 52 % voted No.

However, I ran a statistical test for both samples, and if the difference is statistically significant for New York, it is not statistically significant for Los Angeles, because the sample (359) is much smaller than the NY sample (1088). It’s obviously not statistically significant for Chicago where people seemed to be really split between the yes and the no.

As for the rest of the regions, 52.5% voted yes and 47.5% voted no, and the large sample makes the percentages statistically significant, so overall there is a significant amount of people who are ready for a concert. Does this surprise you when concerts have been canceled for almost 2 months?

Of course, it doesn’t mean this is the right thing to do, but right now, a lot of people are tired to run in circles inside their homes, they are tired to watch these live streams on Instagram and they have cabin fever. Nobody knows when a vaccine is gonna be available, in a year or two? even longer? And if it is the case, it seems almost impossible to wait that long. Concerts promoters will probably not wait for years and concerts may happen before we have a vaccine… Iman posted about new dates for Billy Joel at the Madison Square Garden winter 2020-2. Can we trust this? I can see smaller venues reopening in a few months, but the Garden? What will be the consequences?


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