Worst Decade Ever? The 2020s As Pearl Jam “Postpone” Tour

Written by | March 10, 2020 6:46 am | No Comments


It is hard to believe, but 2019 feels like the good old days. At least our 401Ks were healthy asf and we could go to concerts without dying.

2020?  not so much.

Anyway, after being shut out of Pearl Jam tickets I weakened and paid $628 for a nosebleed ticket… stupid I know, and I also dumped by Thom York ticket at Radio City on the same day. So now Pearl Jam have POSTPONED the US lap of their tour. Postponed, right? Translation: if you want a refund go fuck yourself, we will decide what happens next. I got a different ticket at a loss of $60 for the Tuesday October 31st Halloween gig.

Meanwhile, if Coachella falls can Gov Ball be far behind? Will they cancel sheds and arenas? Jones Beach?

As for Pearl Jam: cancel your tour and let me get my money back…


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