Women Folkies: Laura Stevenson And the Cans and Kate And Anna McGarrigle

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 I read a review by Will Hermes on the reissue of the Canadian folk duo Kate And Anna McGarrigle's "Tell Mister" and decided to listen to it again. I didn't own it. BUT WORSE! I didn't own their eponymous debut album. Which means the last time I owned the album with "Heart Like A Wheel" on it was on vinyl!
Of course I bought it the first chance I had.
And as long as I was there I figured I would pick up the new Laura Stevenson.
Both are killer.
The Kate and Anna is classic songwriting. Hermes mentions Joni Mitchell in the same breath and while they really are quite different, you still don't roll your eyes.
Laura starts off with three killer tracks, beautiful flowing music filled with gorgeous, very modern touches, and then heads south for the winter a bit -though it may just take a little longer for me to hear the other tracks. She is playing Mercury Lounge, Friday, May 13th. 630p gig and only $10 plus whatever. I am in court all day so I may wait till day of to make the decision, but you should definitely go.
Kate And Anna McGarrigle – Kate And Anna McGarrigle – Grade: A
Sit resist – Laura Stevenson and the Cans – Grade: B+

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