With Paul McCartney Three Albums Away From Completion, Who Next?

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I am thinking hard upon whose back catalog I should go through. Having completed both Elvis Presley and Prince, currently working my way through Curtis Mayfield (with Tomas Doncker) and Frank Sinatra, and Paul McCartney three albums away from completion, it is time to consider who should be next.

Some choices…

1 – James Brown – As a huge fan, Brown was one of the first musicians I considered. The problem is that it is so hard to find the first rush of albums, on obscure labels, re-recording all the time… I would really love to but I can’t figure out how.

2 – Louis Armstrong – What can be done with the 1920s and 1930s? There is no way to recreate or find those early releases.

3 – Miles Davis – I don’t understand jazz well enough.

4 – The Who – There is no there there, the 60s and 70s releases everybody knows like the back of their hand and then a handful of others.

5 – The Rolling Stones – Hmmm, that’s more like it… keep to the UK releases of course, but then you hit the 80s and 90s and it will be a real slog. But it seems plausible.

6 – Nirvana – Not enough material, and that’s true of so many 80s and 90s artists… In theory,  I wouldn’t mind going deep into the Beastie Boys,  but there is no depth there.

7 – Elvis Costello, Van Morrison , John Lennon solo- I wrote a paragraph an album a coupla years ago and see no reason to revisit.

8 – Aretha Franklin – Interesting right, plus she just died… would it coincide too much with Curtis, just time and place… would I have to review Sparkle twice? And is that a hardship?

9 – Dean Martin – Again, I am up to my neck in Sinatra, maybe once Sinatra is completed.

10 – Eric Clapton – That would include Cream and Blind Faith but how soul crushing will it be to review Old Sock?

So I think it is between the Stones and Aretha Franklin…


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