William Beckett Releases Video For "Benny and Joon"

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William Beckett’s song “Benny and Joon”, which I’d already fallen in love with, been there- reviewed that- saw it live sorta thing, he released a video for it.

At first, I didn’t like it at all.  All the shots of him and his wife seemed to cliche- her with no clothes, them being adorable and perfect; the entire thing seemed so staged.  Until…Beckett’s charm pushed it out of the park.  I know that he is a meek and quiet man, and seeing him appear so comfortable in this video was interesting.  In real life, even on stage, he is a bit awkward.  His wife clearly brings something out of him and it was heartwarming.

The song and video fit together seamlessly.  The shots of Bill dancing around are so cute, and tying in the “whitecoats” mentioned in the lyrics was a nice touch.  We find that “Benny and Joon” are, in fact, Bill and his wife.  In a way, they both have very similar features and characteristics to Depp and Masterson; the parallels are perfect.  There was obvious care in the small details of the video, to make it clear that the link was to make it into a love song.

In a month, Beckett’s debut solo album, “Genuine & Counterfeit”, will be out.  I have a feeling that his career will skyrocket.  His popularity as a heartthrob in The Academy Is… will take him to a stronger career as a singular musician, because surprisingly, the music that he is producing is better than ever.  I can’t wait to see where he goes next.

Check out the video, exclusively on Fuse, here.


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