Will The New My Morning Jacket Suck?

Written by | May 10, 2011 0:04 am | No Comments


I have heard 3 songs off the May 31st dropping following up to My Morning Jacket's wide ranging soul and southern  rock mesh  "Evil Urges" and I must say I am the living definition of a non believer on "Circuital".
Streaming "Victory Dance" as we speak and it is a draggy darky yucky piece of blah, except for like the last 30 seconds where they derange themselves and it is at least interesting.
But the newbie might be, if not great, at least interesting. It is such an obvious out there piece of product, such a non followup, such a counter commercial move, it feels like they decided they didn't wanna sell any more albums at all.
It won't sell many is my bet. If Bright Eyes didn't, I bet you MMJ won't.
Do they care?
They were born to tour and I am sure they will do so ALL SUMMER LONG and I am sure nobody will being calling for these songs. "Victory Dance" has rest room break written all over it. Yet… I dunno… I've learnt to doubt my certainty and this could be a keeper.


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