Why Ke$ha Has Found Her Perfect Job

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“My heart is with Japan right now through this disaster and these hardships. I genuinely don’t think right now would be appropriate timing for me to perform in Japan given the content and the spirit of my show, which is all about feeling exuberant, rowdy and wild. I plan to bring my party there and to that part of the world when we are all ready to dance and Get $leazy together again. In the meantime I am going to do everything I can to help relief efforts and I encourage everyone in the world to do the same.”

How reverent.  See Kesha got it right.  Look if youre not feeling rowdy and wild and exuberant, then Imma wait til ya do. 

Was this the right or the wrong thing to do? Well not subjecting the people of Japan to 'Tik Tok' may have been a great thing but I personally believe that depending upon where it the venue was of course, the show should go on.  Me? I would have done the show, donated any proceeds or at done the gig for free.  Then I would have pumped out a couple pints of blood, assisted in distribution of supplies and I'm no Mother Theresa.

I wouldnt unless there was danger to the public or myself and crew said 'I'll be back another time when you guys are in a better mood'.

Kesha has the perfect career cuz it requires no brain power and she has none.

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