Why I Bought a Ticket to See U2

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Of all the bands I despise in the world, I despise U2 the most but only under specific paraments.Their politics are hypocritical, their recorded music unlistenable this century and their live performance overblown bullshit.
1. Somewhere between "Please' and "Stuck In A Moment' they were everything they always claimed to be.
2. The last time I saw em live (as opposed to on youtube), they were excellent. That was the MSG 2011 concert.
And as long as as those two are running well, who cares about
3. Their politics.
So yeah, I hated em, but I hadn't seen them live in a decade and I was wondering if I was simply wrong. Also, as the editor of a rock website I kinda feel obliged to have seen the most popular tour of all time. As Lady Gaga proved beyond a reasonable doubt, you don't know if you don't know.All the video in the world won't tell you either.
So I invested my $70 for Giants Stadium and then I'll know.
Ps Helen has promised to make fun of me mercilessly of I decide I like them.

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