Whitney Houston 'Sparkle' Trailer Released

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The death of Whitney Houston came as a shock to those who didn't realize that extreme drug abuse will eventually kill you.  With much fanfare and denial autopsy and scandal Ms Houston is now at rest and hopefully at peace.  Its a sad thing to lose a talent so strong and so charismatic.

Fresh on the heels of this tragedy is the release of the trailer for the upcoming film "Sparkle"  Sparkle is the story of three sisters who start a group and deal with the fame and drugs. It is based on the story of The Supremes.  How sad.

Whitney is credited as executive producer and her role was originally to be played by Aaliyah, who passed away before production began.  This film was supposed to be Houston's acting come back performance.  She had not been in a film since the 1996 Preachers Wife.  Unfortunately she was found dead in a bathtub while 'Sparkle' was in post production.  She looks absolutely beautiful making this story all the more tragic. 


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