Where Is Clive Davis?

Written by | April 14, 2011 0:05 am | 4 responses


So American Idol's Pia Toscano (I'll get to her at some point) signs to a major label and Clive Davis is nowhere to be found…?

Larry Scheiderman, who used to conduct business with him, wanted to know what gives. Why is Jimmy Iovine there and  CD ain't. nd what's Interscope -which made its fortune on hip hop, got to do with AI??

It goes like this.

Davis was canned from the top spot at BMG, BMG  have a contract with American Idol.

Interscope got bought by BMG.

Jimmy Iovine is head of Interscope.

And Interscope has right of first refusal on American Idol contestant and jumped all over Pia.

Meanwhile, all things come to an end and when last heard from, Clive was shepherding the disastrous Whitney Houston come back. Whitney is, of course, the daryl Strawberry of rock.

And the mighty Clive, who would have known precisely what to do with Pia, is not involved.

Incidentally, if Jimmy decides to go for some modern, Jennifer Hudson type production and material, he should be fired.


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