‘When The Ship Comes In’, Outernatio​nal's Video Review

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Iman gave them an A when he reviewed the new Dylan tribute album, ‘Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International’, and a few days later, I received their video for Dylan's song they covered, ‘When The Ship Comes In’.  

And I love it! There is a real energy and freshness in their interpretation, carried by the dynamic vocals of Miles Solay, who does not try to imitate Dylan (I still can't believe how much he sounds like Joe Strummer!) but certainly keeps his spirit present in the tune.  

The rebellious song fits Outernational like a glove with a powerful rocking instrumentation completed by vintage organ and a compelling trumpet. Of course the drumming is perfect since Traveling Wilburys’ Jim Keltner, the legendary musician who worked with Bob Dylan and John Lennon, is behind the drums. 

The song benefits Amnesty international, so you should download it on iTunes or wherever you want, and watch the video here:


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