What’s Poppin’: Thursday, September 10th, 2020

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Song of The Summer: Cardi B’s tough as nails “WAP” nails the oozing, primal, liquid sexuality is an anthem for women getting off…

Fake News and Fair: the thing about POTUS’ calling Americans who died in US wars losers and suckers, isn’t whether or not he said it but whether it is entirely believable he would say it

Autumn: Here comes Autumn and we are still social distancing…

Mulan 2020: I loved this movie, the live action version of the Disney animated would be classic from the late 1990s. What I enjoyed most was the lead (the gorgeous Yifei Liu) dressed as a man and joining the army. When the boy she likes discuses dating with her, explains how he has no idea how to speak to a woman because he has never been allowed to socialize with then, she says “Speak to them the way you are speaking to me now”. And it is just magical. Not many movies about women passing for men, there’s “Just One Of The Boys” and “Boys Don’t Cry” -the latter too painful for repeated watching, the former too shallow. Mulan worked for me in its entirety (Grade: B+)

More Mulan: Disney Plus also saw a bump of 48% in app downloads and 198% increase in in-app sales (I have zero idea what the increase means since there is nothing else to purchase in DIsney Plus). I assume DIsney will release the numbers when they’re ready…

Singing For Trump:  if it wasn’t for people of color Ted Nugent would be working for Allstate and Kid Rock would be hustling trailers to semi-retired couples in the Midwest. They owe everything to people whose ancestors were slaves. They should embrace #BLM with all their might, the hypocritical, racist scum.

Trump Singing: It is a testament not to Trump’s hubris alone that he went on record, and was taped, telling Bob Woodward that he knew that the coronavirus was a dangerous thing and lied to the American public about it. Where is his shout of fake news?

Fake News: WP, NYT, all lead with “I wanted to always play it down,” was the led, but it wasn’t till I read the Wall Street Journal that I noted the punchline:  “I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic.” What is wrong with the great US newspapers. JUST REPORT THE FUCKING NEWS… Hating Trump is no excuse for slanting everything.

Trump – Peace Maker: Up for a nobel peace prize for forging the detente between the UAW and Israel…

Black Leaders: they remind me of Lebanese politicians, with most in it for the money and lead by the racist Farrakhan and the hand in your pocket Sharpton. Give me #BLM any day.

Nigeria Rules: right this second, it is not possible to love Nigerian pop enough… it is a heartbeat away from breaking the way K-Pop finally broke through in the US with Blackpink and BTS…

The  Sound Of Dictatorships: the German language is so guttural and harsh it lends itself to the dictates of dictatorships, American English is so puerile and adolescent it lends itself to petty mindedness.

I CANNOT WAIT: I forgot that I once met Martin at a book signing where I took the opportunity to dis him for his review of Vladimir Nabokov’s “Look at the Harlequins!”: A re-imagined life of the great artist that might have been if he never met the love of his life, Vera. And his last novel. Martin said he regretted the review and so now you know. I mention this because I WENT TO A BOOK SIGNING! Now here comes this more than grateful news via the Wall Street Journal: “Among new high-profile fiction is Martin Amis’s “Inside Story,” a genre-blurring novel publishing Oct. 27, about his real-life friendships with the late provocateur Christopher Hitchens and others.”

Language: the problem with the USA is language, in the 40s, 50s, 60s we had universal education as a tool to live but if you can’t think the thoughts you need to think to reach natural conclusions because you don’t know them, you will think the thoughts that coincide with the words you understand…

The Yankees: Fire Aaron Boone, Cashman would have definitely fired Girardi and by the way. Yankees: 22-21, Phillies 21-18 and in second place in their league so probably going to make the playoffs… I know… actually, fire Cashman.

Nothing To Celebrate: From Variety: “Kool & the Gang co-founder Ronald “Khalis” Bell, who was credited as a writer and producer on the group’s biggest hits — among them: 1980’s “Celebration” and 1985’s “Cherish” — died Wednesday Sept. 9 at his home in the U.S. Virgin Islands, his wife and agent Tia Sinclair Bell said in a statement on Sept. 10. He was 68. The cause of death has not been revealed.”





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