What Was Beyonce Thinking?

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By now, you probably are aware that Beyonce has cancelled her performance at Coachella. The festival announced it on Twitter on Thursday:

‘Following the advice of her doctors to keep a less rigorous schedule in the coming months, Beyoncé has made the decision to forgo performing at the 2017 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. However, Goldenvoice and Parkwood are pleased to confirm that she will be a headliner at the 2018 festival. Thank you for your understanding.

Stay tuned for more information.’

Of course, they are looking for another headliner, Coachella may be loosing money with people getting angry and the tickets losing their re-selling value but will Beyonce be a looser in the story?

This is what Paul Bassman, president/CEO of Ascend Insurance Brokerage, which insures both festivals and artists, told Billboard: ‘A cancelation policy typically excludes non appearance due to pregnancy and complications from pregnancy. If she had cancelation insurance, which I understand she typically carries, coverage would depend on if the exclusion was removed. It may be possible to have the exclusion removed, however if she were pregnant when the policy was placed then that would not be possible.’… ‘We insure multiple festivals across the country, dozens of them,’ he added. ‘Most of the time they don’t choose a non-appearance insurance policy because it’s way more expensive and if the artist doesn’t appear they don’t get paid. So for the sake of argument if Beyonce’s scheduled to make a million dollars [it’s likely more], the promoter then has a million dollars now to replace her or to reissue refunds to disgruntled fans.’

But let’s take a look at the dates, Beyonce announced she was pregnant in February, about a month after the Coachella lineup was announced, early January. She is about 4-5 months pregnant, so the baby was conceived in October-November, and she will be at least 6 month pregnant in April. I don’t know when Coachella books its artists, and this may well be widely different from one artist to the next (for example the Red Hot Chili Peppers signed at the very last minute in 2013 according to Rolling Stone), but there are only 2 possibilities here:

Either Beyonce already knew she was pregnant when she signed on to headline Coachella, and what was she thinking? Was she planning to perform her acrobatic and energetic show 6-month pregnant? Or was she already planning to cancel at the last minute, and in this case did she tell her insurance? Or not? Is that fair for everyone involved?

Or she was not pregnant yet, and became pregnant later, but again, what was she thinking? Do you plan a pregnancy with the perspective of headlining two big shows like these ones?

There’s always the possibility that this pregnancy was an accident you are gonna tell me… And I will laugh very hard at your face, because nothing, nothing is an accident in Bey’s life, everything is organized, planned miles ahead. There is no way this pregnancy was not programmed by the queen. Plus a 35 year-old mother with twins? I would bet it was medically assisted. In vitro anyone? Ask a doctor!

I don’t know if she will cash the $1 million of the insurance as some rumors say, but it’s a bit strange that Beyonce planned a pregnancy in October, knowing she would headline Coachella in April.


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