Watch The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Movie-Like Video For 'Sacrilege'

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So many videos have been released lately, that I had neglected this one.  And honestly, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ four-minute clip for their new song ‘Sacrilege’ is one of these mini-movies which almost distract us from the song itself. I guess bands are sometimes so focused at making the perfect video with a captivating story, that the song takes the second plan,… but isn’t the purpose of a video to promote the song and not vice-versa?


The video for ‘Sacrilege’ is one of these epic super-productions that could be sold as a movie with English model/actress Lily Cole as the star. In a backward-narrated story – it took me a little while to figure out – the girl pays very hard her voracious sexual appetite for men (and women) in a small town where hypocrisy reigns. It’s dark and dramatic, it has the weird vibe of a Salem witch trial or even a KKK burning, which would give a sense to this unexpected gospel choir at the end.


Megaforce directed the video for ‘Sacrilege’, which is of course the single off the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' upcoming album ‘Mosquito’, due April 16th.


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