Watch The Sloths’ New Video For Upcoming Horror Movie ‘The Amityville Murders’

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The Sloths


An old classic story about an American horror story is having a new remake: Written and directed by Daniel Farrands, ‘The Amityville Murders’, is vaguely inspired by the true story of Ronald “Butch” DeFeo Jr., who murdered his entire family with a rifle while they were sleeping. His only excuse was the voices he was hearing in his head, and after all, you can’t argue with that. The new movie, however, tends to lean into a more paranormal angle than the previous ones, and this is where the Sloths enter the scene.

The L.A. garage rock band has released a new video for ‘Haunted,’ a track from their debut album ‘Back from the Grave’, released in 2015 on Lolipop / Burger Records., which will appear on the soundtrack of the independent horror movie. ‘Haunted’ has this timeless quality and immediately familiar sound, but its vintage western vibe with surf guitar and Tommy McLoughlin’s cinematic croon could almost make it sound like a tune picked for a Tarantino score. Meanwhile, the video features footage from the movie, intercut with newly-filmed scenes of the band. ‘I see ‘The Amityville Murders’ as a dark, Poe-like gothic vision of possession based on the true 1970s crime story,’ declared frontman Tommy McLoughlin

This is not a surprise to see him associated with the horror and macabre, as he is also a writer and director, mostly known for directing plenty of horror movies such as ‘Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives’ (1986), ‘The Unsaid’ (2001) and ‘She-Wolf of Londo’n (1990).

In addition to ‘Haunted, the song ‘Lust’, also from on the Sloths’ debut album, will be featured on the film soundtrack.

The film will be released theatrically and on-demand via Skyline Entertainment, on Friday, February 8th.

Watch the video for ‘Haunted’ below:


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