Watch Lana Del Rey’s New Video For ‘Freak’ Featuring Father John Misty

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Lana Del Rey & Father John Misty


On Tuesday, Lana Del Rey teased us with a 15-second clip and now, her new video is here and it‘s a long one. There is a small surprise, the 10-minute mini-movie for ‘Freak’, off her languid last album ‘Honeymoon’, features another freak beside herself, Father John Misty and his famous beard.

But there’s nothing new in Lana’s world, filtered visuals, lethargic affectation and the two of them doing drugs under the sun, as this is probably Lana’s idea of being a freak. The songstress moves slowly, takes her usual languorous poses, drinks red cool aid, and we get plenty of time to admire her manicured toe nails.

And since her song doesn’t last for 10 minutes half of the video shows Lana swimming in slow motion under water with Tillman and other women (the same ones who were doing drugs with him) while Claude Debussy’s ‘Clair de Lune’ is played in the background.

Honestly, what’s the point of this addition? There’s no continuity with the rest of the story, which was already inexistent and it seems totally self-indulgent. If it is an LSD trip, it’s a very boring one and if it is supposed to mean something deep, it escapes me! There is nevertheless a theory among fans that Father John Misty could be a cult leader à la Charles Manson – in Lana Del Rey’s very stoned reality – and when she drinks the cool-aid, she commits suicide – Lana’s favorite fantasy as we all know – so that the ending segment could be these people enjoying their after-life… wow in this case, her idea of heaven is as boring as her life, but watch it below if you have 10 minutes to kill.


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