Watch Fiona Apple Swear In German In H-Man

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BioFrau Bad Apple

A French superhero? This is a premiere, especially because this new H-Man is dressed up like a vintage superman and looks a bit like Serge Gainsbourg – he is actually singer songwriter Arthur H, son of French musician Jacques Higelin who also has a role in the series. I know they are completely unknown in the US but in this episode of H-Man, Fiona Apple jumps into the action… And believe me you can’t go weirder than this!

H-Man is produced by Joseph Cahill and broadcasted on the French-German channel Arte, and in this episode, Fiona Apple plays Bio Frau, the leader of an activist group, ‘Green Lights’, who attacks a power plant with a sunflower plant. You have to realize, in this utopia world the German government has decided to shut down their nuclear reactors, but the Green Lights have no patience and want them shut down now.

Brave Fiona, in commando attire and French beret, looks great and menacing, and she doesn’t even hesitate to kill a few people to reach her goal. Thanks to her bio superpowers, she manages to make the flower grow inside the power plant, alerting a Valkyrie and H-Man. At this point Fiona has turned into a green zombie and I suppose she didn’t realize that she may have done more harm than good? And H-Man has to save the world from a nuclear disaster? I am sure you can totally make sense of this cartoonish parody and the rest belongs to a bizarro-world fueled by a true Franco-German love. Awww!

This is so random I wonder why I even watched this,… oh yes, I remember, Fiona Apple getting mad in German!


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