Watch A Powerful Animation By Steve Cutts For Moby’s ‘Are You Lost In The World Like Me’

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I must admit it, I have watched this video mostly because it was a cartoon which was reminding me the old Betty Boop cartoons by Max Fleischer. The animation is actually made by Steve Cutts for a new video for Moby.

‘Are You Lost In The World Like Me’ – a song from the debut album by Moby and the Void Pacific Choir ‘The Systems are Failing’ – laments on today’s world where people are slaves of technology and obsessed by their phones. The animation is so well done that you can’t stay indifferent to the wide-eyes Moby-like sad character, witnessing every-day examples of phone abuse, such as people sending emojis to each to each other while they ignore the world around them, chase pokemon and work on the fake life they construct with their phone. It cleverly shows the lack of empathy growing in alarming proportion along with narcissism, and you can also pick up here and there a few hints at animal abuse, Moby never forget about his vegan identity. Also is that Kim Kardashian at 2:21? Or at least it’s her body! Romance is gone, people are zombies and death and misery with be shot live on millions of phones at the same time.

This is such a sad but realistic view of our world! But it’s not the first time Cutts produces a little movie to make a powerful statement. ‘A few years ago I saw Steve Cutts’ ‘Man’ video and was amazed and blown away,’ said Moby in a statement. ‘I did some internet sleuthing and found his e-mail address and humbly asked him to make a video for me. And, lucky me, he agreed. The video he made for ‘Are You Lost in the World Like Me?’ is without question one of the best videos that’s ever been made for one of my songs.’

I highly recommend watching ‘Man’, it’s excellent, As a matter of fact, I showed it to my students last year to illustrate the damaging relationship between humanity, animals and the environment. It’s not surprising Moby liked it.

Cutts added: ‘For me the video is about our increasing dependence on technology and about human interaction today, or a certain lack of it. It focuses on the way tech is changing us – how we have become desensitized.’

At this point of his career, Moby is able to pick the people he wants for a video and to make the album he wants even though he is well aware that ‘people especially don’t buy the 15th record of a 51-year-old musician who refuses to tour’ and ‘who refuses to make records with 19-year-old pop stars,’ as he said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Moby is a free man, he can afford to not care about sales and charts, but he can make a post-punk album with a purpose. He is a lucky guy.


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