Vanilla Ice Performed At Trump’s New Year Eve Party

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Trump's New Year Eve party

Vanilla Ice at Trump’s New Year Eve party


This pathetic year ended with another pathetic moment. Trump’s New Year Eve party at Mar-a-Largo was just the image of this year: lousy, tacky, and plain callous, The lineup was obviously unforgettable as rapper Vanilla Ice, Berlin singer Terri Nunn and Grand Funk singer Mark Farner performed as well as a band featuring Mike Love that was billed as the ‘Beach Boys’… this should not have been even allowed. The rest of the show seemed to feature cover bands.

As expected, nobody was wearing a mask or practicing physical distancing while the guests reportedly paid 4-figure tickets to attend this lame soiree. Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, as well as Trump’s two sons and wives, were in the audience with people from Fox News and right-wing television network OANN.

Trump was supposed to attend the party, and prices had actually been inflated up to $1,000 at the news, but, according to CNN, the president and his wife decided to go back to Washington DC at the last minute, for some unknown reason. He is probably still trying to delay Biden’s certification.

The place was rather full, 500 tickets were sold for a capacity of 700, which is still way too high when the pandemic is raging. Cases are undoubtedly increasing in Florida, a state that is approaching 22,000 deaths.

None of the performers were wearing masks and Mike Love is 79. Watching Don Trump Jr. rapping with Vanilla Ice (see video below) gave me some flashbacks of HBO’s Succession, it’s funny how art often predicts reality. But this was an insult to all the people who stayed home on NYE in order to contain the pandemic, and it was especially a slap in the face of all the frontline workers or anyone still fighting this disease.

Imagine risking your life and health, endangering other people to rap along with Vanilla Ice! Imagine having fun while more than 3,000 people die every day of COVID-19 in the US! I know that reality still escapes plenty of fake-news-COVID-19-conspiracy-peddling idiots, but this family will go down in history as the most callous, arrogant, and negligent group of people.

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