Vampires Everywhere!, Michael Vampire On The Mend

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Michael Vampire of Vampires Everywhere! was in the hospital and is being released.

Turns out, he had some bizarre infection in his arm and needed surgery, and it was serious.

Perhaps it was a zombie attack?  I've heard vampires and zombies don't get along.

As a part of the community of the living undead, I wonder how the hospital took it when they found out that they had a dead guy walking around.

Enough of the joking, here's what "Michael Vampire" said:
"Hello Evil Ones, I am writing to update all of you on my current situation regarding tour & my health. I have been in the hospital for over a week. During the Death Race Tour, I noticed my arm was swollen which progressed throughout the tour. The day of our Atlanta show, I was feeling horrible and asked the band to drive me to the hospital, which I thought was going to be an in and out experience. It turns out my arm was infected badly & needed immediate surgery. Thus VE! had no choice but to cancel tour dates until i was fully recovered. I am being released from the hospitaL this week and I am feeling much better! We will catch up with the Death Race Tour in Denver at the Marquee Theatre, which I am very excited for! I appreciate all your support during this horrible experience. I will never forget your evil love! See you all on the last leg of The Death Race Tour and our upcoming 'Horror Nights 2011' tour with Aiden, Eyes Set To Kill, Dr. Acula and Get Scared!"

Next time he shouldn't mess with anyone who eats brains.  At least he's better.

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