US Top 10 Albums, October 29th, 2016

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1 – Revolution Rock – Green Day – B

2 – Day Break – Norah Jones – D+

3 – Oh My My – One Republic – D+

4 – Views – Drake – B+

5 – Suicide Squad – Various Artists – C+

6 – A Seat At The Table – Solange – B+

7- Blurryface – Twenty One Pilots – B+

8 – The Last Bridge – Alter Bridge – D+

9 – Three – Phantogram – C

10 – Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande – C+

Comment: I would be much more impressed here, if the album charts reflected any form of serious tration. Green Day’s 95K equivalent album units is abysmal. What does it mean in a nation of 300M? And that is the best of them this week. Nobody else is any better and if the recording industry is back in the black it is due to breadth not height. A good thing of course… unless you’re playing around at home



One Response to “US Top 10 Albums, October 29th, 2016”

  1. Dick Destiny

    A vast ocean of music covering the planet from pole to pole, all of a half inch deep everywhere, with only a few exceptions.

    So suck on the reality.

    Now take a look at this.

    See “related tracks.” It auto-plays. Why should I get drafted to support someone like John Legend, a million seller? I dislike his music, never listen to it, would never recommend it. Yet, look what gets attached like a lamprey to my property, which I already give away. There’s no way for me to get rid of the guy.

    If smallpox still existed, I’d wish it on him and the industry.


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