Unspeakable Narcissism And Rock And Roll Stars

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Yesterday, Alyson Camus wrote about the Draconian photo releases Foo Fighters -you know, Dave "I Recording This Last Album In My Garage Before Tucking The kids Into Bed" Grohl's Foo Fighters- were forcing Freelance Photographers to sign, including signing the rights to the pix away and all royalties from the pix in perpetuity throughout the universe.

I wrote, and was roundly despised, for calling Grohl out as a hypocritical liar because of his completely pathetic garage rock claims. I also don't much like the band at all. Plus, perhaps he should figure out his feelings for Cobain and stick to em (let me tell you what they are: he loathed Cobain: the stench of bile reeks).

Whatever, Grohl is suck a dickhead, it isn't enough that he is a dickhead the way Axl Rose is, he wants to be a dickhead the way Axl is in practice, but in theory be one of the guys. A Joe Strummer for a new generation. And he isn't. He is a garden variety asshole rock star. Nothing wrong with that, the narcissism lies in the self-delusion.

And he joins a long long long list, from Bono to Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi to Phil Collins, Win Butler,  all of Pink Floyd, Christ it seems to be part of the job description. The Glimmer twins… Jay-Z, Weezy, Keezy… all of em. Britney Spears screaming: "I'm not who you think I am". It is so prevalent that if there is a nice guy who doesn't lift his or her ego with both hands, we doubt they're for real.

Dave Grohl, Patti Smith, Eddie Vedder, Selma Gomez: they are a different species than we are. They are tone deaf to their audience, they don't understand how they come acroos, = with their pet charities and blabbermouth opinions.

It comes with the territory, if you spend your life claiming that your love is bigger than the world, you start believing it. If 60,000 scream at the sight of you, your superego goes into hard drive and your insecurities are bolted shut under a veneer of self-regard.

Rock stars are mindbogglingly nasty pieces of work. They don't like you. You keep interrupting them when they wanna have dinner at Southern Comfort pr  following them into the men's room or chasing em or starting a fight or obsessing over or misunderstanding or castigating or embracing them. You've built them up and you will tear em down.

So they love themselves and they hate you and sign that fucking waiver because it is Grohl's ugly mush and he wants more money.


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  1. Nadia Adamsen

    Vedder is essentially a man of good values, but he has always been the performer. Unlike Corgan and Cobain, who did things out of their heart and not for personal gain/image, he has always been focused on image. His anti-image is just another image. Lydon was the same way, but there is a particular cleverness to Lydon. He is also honest about it. Vedder has done a lot of good for charity and music, but he picked his first spouse, Beth Liebling, for her access to the music industry. She organized events at college, was a music journalist, and an intern as an A&R person at Virgin. All those achievements are wonderful, but Vedder used them to his advantage. He did not want to work as a rookie roadie and gas station attendant the rest of his life. Nobody would accept his demos. Bad Radio only got an EP done, not that they were bad, but they were not focused. I suspect he befriended Joe Strummer and Jack Irons to get access to bands and auditions, and then made himself clear. Irons then got him that tape deliberately and he knew exactly what to do. The man is a smart career opportunist. When it was fashionable to be anti-image after Cobain’s death, he perfected the art of it. He married his second wife, Jill McCormick, a model and veteran fundraiser for brain cancer, rare diseases, and other organizational causes. Her family is in medical/health, and she has a long background as an advocate and fundraiser for causes. Vetter DOESN’T EVEN LIKE models. I think he picked her out to raise money for his organization, figure out how to set it up and build it, and other projects-EB Research. She is on the board of each of his charities and raises money for the Vitalogy Foundation. He seems more interested in charitable activism these days. Not that he illegitimate, but I wouldn’t want to be one of his wives. Heaven knows the next one will probably be used for retirement, surfing, or some other interest. It is his pattern…


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