‘Under African Skies’ the documentar​y about the album Graceland

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For the 25th anniversary of Paul Simon’s famous album ‘Graceland’, a new documentary, ‘Under African Skies’ will make its debut at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22nd, and will then enter an international film festival circuit, before a limited theatrical run and airings on A&E.

The film was directed by Joe Berlinger (‘Brother's Keeper’,‘Metallica: Some Kind of Monster’, ‘the West Memphis Three/Paradise Lost’ trilogy) and is described as a chronicle about the creation as well as the tremendous influence of the historic album. 

This will only be the beginning of a year-long celebration commemorating the 25th anniversary of this release, and, as we had already announced it, there will also be more goodies for die-hard fans, like a‘Graceland’ 25th anniversary commemorative edition deluxe collector's box set, or a special two-disc set,each featuring the original album with bonus tracks and the director's cut of‘Under African Skies’. 

In the film, Simon will revisit his decision to go to South Africa and collaborate with musicians, creating a bridge between American and South African music but also triggering a huge controversy and political crossfire,being accused to break the UN boycott of South Africa designed to end the Apartheid regime. 

I should have asked Public Enemy on Sunday if they still are madly angry at him for exploiting African people! Should they be over it after 25 years? Probably a lot of people are still not over the fact that the album sold 14 million copies worldwide in 1986.  

Anyway the best proof that Simon did not ‘exploit’ African musicians is that bassist Bakithi Kumalo and guitarist VincentNguini are still touring with him 25 years later. I guess they would have realized by now.

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