U2 At Glastonbur​y: Bigger is Bigger

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"It’s very un-Glastonbury to have a big production, but we will be sneaking a few things in through the back gate which will hopefully make the experience a little more like Glastonbury on steroids,”  U2 bassist Adam Clayton told Q. “We’re stretching the levels of what can be done. We hope to create a mind blowing experience that reacts well with all the other substances involved."

So U2 want to shock the world by performing the biggest, loudest, most out there set on the biggest, loudest most out there stage.  Fine by me but I don't know who is following who any longer.

What they should be doing is getting humongous screens, state of the art close circuit, and performing  a two hour no nonsense greatest hits package. Of course, the problem is they haven't had a hit in over decade. I mean, sure they've sold some songs but really "Elevation" was the last blow out and that was in 2000.

So here are the Irish lads choices, either:
1. Bore the world with the latest coupla albums which NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR
2. Put on a spectacle so big everybody ignores the crappy quality of the songs.
3. Play what people want to hear.
U2 chose # 2, time for another choice

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