U2 and 2009… something not quite right here; last thoughts on new Dylan

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It had been five years -something like 30 in rock star years- and U2 were bac and We -We the world- were all third world nations at the tender mercies of Bono. Kicking off the Grammy’s this year U2 had nothing to prove and a world to save and a not particulalry good song, “Get On Your Boots”.

Bono moved in front of a screen projection flags and lyrics from the song as he knelt, kicked up his leg and was forever Bono and he was great and so were the rest of the band. So the album was a double disappointment which now, three months later, is deader than… well, deader than the new albums by Morrissey, Lily Allen, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Townes Earle, Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Holly (hardly fair when you figure he’s been dead 50 odd years), Bob Dylan (not yet? give it a week), Ben Harper, Smokey Robinson…

In 2009, the young, the old, everything inbetween, is failing to connect.

In hard times do e want to entertained? OK but who is entertaining us and how? A look at the chats leaves you scratching your head:Flo Rider? Lady Gaga? Ciara and Miley; it’s never too late to enjoy dumb entertainment (as the Undertones once put it) so maybe that’s what’s wrong with this year.

Whatever the case (and we’re not even half through so…) this feels lik a depression in search of a sound track.
Dylan’s newie “Together Through Life” ends up a major disappointment and not half bad. The blues boogie are no distinguishable but the arrangements are uniformly excellent and I love the accordion and it is a lead instrument on a few songs.
Lyrically it is a reflection of the times we live in-all cudgeled and cuckolded, but not fully formed. I believe these songs will breathe freeer in different versions at other times. So might we all

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