Twisted Sister vs The Food Truck, "We're Not Gonna Bake It, Anymore'

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What the hell is up with Dee Snider and his band of Long Island attorneys?  This has to be the worse waste in our judicial system in decades.

The band has demanded a cease and desist against a Philadelphia food truck owner.  We all know how hard it is to differentiate between food trucks and doughy old has been hair metal bands.

Cody Allen and Wesley Kaake are screwed since their food truck named "Twisted Sister" is about to lose its name, let alone fight a legal battle over it.

"I cried. I really did. I was just in shock," said Kaake, owner of the Twisted Sister House of Hunger food truck. The House of Hunger is known for their deep-fried hot dogs and Philly sandwiches. In July, Kaake received a cease and desist letter from the band's guitarist and manager, J.J. French, and his attorney.

"It is the opinion of our client, with which we concur, that your use of the name Twisted Sister will cause dilution of our client's famous mark and will cause confusion among consumers," the letter read.

"They want us to pull all existence of ourselves from the Internet, all advertising," Kaake said. "It's a big list of demands." But Kaake says they aren't alone. At least six other businesses that he knows of, including Twisted Sisters Cupcakes in Virginia Beach, have also been served cease and desist notices.

"After talking with five other companies across the country as well as one in Serbia who have received a letter from them, we may not be so eager to back down and take it," said Kaake.

Twisted Sister, Dee Snider and their legal council suck.  The band hasn't done jack for years and now are using it as an opportunity to exploit small business?  Cupcakes?  C'mon it in no way indicates endorsement in my eyes- its simply a name and a fairly common expression as well.

The biggest and most pathetic part of this?  Kaake said the lead singer Dee Snider did tweet that he is sorry, he's only the lead singer, he's not a part of management, and has nothing to do with this.

Tweeted? Screw you Snider you have control if you chose to use it- just another way to get attention without talent.


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