TV Times: Rounding Up

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David Byrne’s American Utopia – The first time I saw this in 2018, before he got to the Hudson Theatre (here), I worshipped it, the next time at Hudson Theatre it felt too studied, and this time is somewhere in between. Kudos to Spike Lee for staying out of the way – B+

Hubie Halloween – Adam Sandler is annoying as fuck on this stupid Halloween special – C-

Raised By Wolves – Ridley Scott’s Sci-Fi vision is too draggy and self centered – C+

Star Trek: Lower Decks – with the first season under its belt, the animated CBS All Access show is alright and sometimes more than alright, but as it tells the story of life downstairs om the upstairs downstairs world, it doesn’t have the power of its excellent convictions: it needs to remain on the lower deck but having one of the ensigns the Commander of the SS Cerritos’ (which cleans up after the Enterprise) daughter is a cheat. And then selling out the entire concept at the end of the first season is sad – B

Star Trek Discovery – The first episode of the third season has dropped and takes the show 900 years into the future. And it is excellent, by moving off the timeline we see the Federation a shadow of itself after something called “The Burning” killed off dilithium crystals and the universe is completely different. What a terrific idea, how well executed, it should be a great season – A

The Good Place – The first four seasons are now on Netflix… if you don’t know this eschatological masterpiece it is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time and just as good a second time round – A+

The Trial Of The Chicago 7 – if nothing else, it reminds you how irritating the yippies were. Aaron Sorkin wrote it and the dialogue sizzles even while not being that accurate and the two hours zing along but lost is any sense of monumental democracy going down importance at all. Frank Langella is wonderful – B

The Haunting Of Hill House – the endless ghost story would be a lot better if it was a lot tighter -it is not fair to shout boo while I’m dozing. But it does repay attention with real frights  –  B-




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