TV On The Radio Is Streaming At My Place

Written by | April 9, 2011 0:05 am | No Comments


First stream of TV On The Radio's Nine Types Of Light and I am very, very impressed.

It is not I consider them so overwhelming experimental, first and foremost they could ways funk, but this is mainstream-y for all its whistle and toots.

I have a feeling it won't end up being as good as Dear Science, "Second Song" is a wonderful work out but it ain't as good as "Lover's Day", "You" a catchy beaut but not their best.

Still, the songs I've lived with, "Caffeinated Consciousness" and especially "Will do" which left me cold at first, are both big time keepers.

Honestly, there isn't a song I AT LEAST LIKE A LOT. new fave? "New Cannonball Blues" is a groove extravaganza.

Can't wait to see em at Radio city on Wednesday!


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