Travis Scott And McDonald’s Have Teamed Up

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Travis Scott And McDonald’s


When you are at the top of the hip-hop world, would you team up with the most detestable food on the planet? When you can promote anything in the world and you know that your fans will follow, would you partner with a cheap fast-food chain like McDonald’s? Travis Scott just did and that’s regrettable.

Yesterday, the Houston rapper gave a new name to sell out as he launched his new collection of shirts, hoodies, shorts, pants, hats, jerseys, lunchbox, blankets… (you name it) at inflated prices, in order to celebrate his partnership with the iconic fast-food restaurant. At the top of that, Scott and his team have designed apparel for McDonald’s staff.

Meanwhile, the burger chain is serving the rapper’s ‘signature’ meal, called the ‘Cactus Jack’ (named after Travis Scott’s nickname and record label) for a month: It consists of a quarter-pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce with a medium order of fries, BBQ sauce and a Sprite. Nothing there looks original, isn’t it what is served at any McDonald’s any day? However, the Travis Scott Meal is celebrated in a new ad campaign starring a Travis Scott action figure, as if it was a novelty.

The good part of the story is that Scott and McDonald’s are supporting charitable organizations during this month-long program, although no specific details have been revealed yet.

Yesterday, Travis Scott surprised his fans and made an apparition at one of LA’s oldest McDonald’s restaurant located in Downey (just a few miles southeast of downtown) and the scene that followed was to be expected: everyone forgot we were still in the middle of a pandemic, the crowd pushed to get a piece of Travis (and a selfie) as if COVID-19 had suddenly vanished.

Does McDonald’s need more publicity to shovel its high-fat/high-corn-syrup diet into the throats of young America? I thought we already had an obesity problem in this country, plus don’t tell me that Travis Scott’s lean body is a product of McDonald’s meals! After Michael Jordan’s similar deal in 1992, Travis Scott and McDonald’s could be the most mainstream collaboration ever, the most famous hip hop artist of the moment with the most ubiquitous fast-food joint in the country, to sell what? Bad food and overpriced shirts that make you look like McDonald’s slaves/employees? What a waste.


Travis Scott Surprised Fans at McDonald’s

Travis Scott really pulled up to McDonald’s 🔥

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