Toro y Moi streams new album with NPR + launches US tour next week

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Toro y Moi by Jack Bool

NPR’s First Listen – Outer Peace
Ahead of the release of its new album next week, Toro y Moi is streaming its new album Outer Peace in full now via NPR’s First Listen. The stream offers listeners an initial chance to hear the album before its release on January 18th, including critically-acclaimed single “Freelance” and “Ordinary Pleasure,” which Highsnobiety called “the most playful sound from the album yet.”
Outer Peace follows the highly-emotive 2017 album Boo Boo and sees Toro continuing to explore its limits sonically and thematically, serving as a homecoming celebration of an album that was written and recorded in the Bay Area after spending a year in Portland surrounded by the solace of nature. A stark contrast to Boo Boo, the new album radiates with a joyous energy that incorporates contemporary hip hop, funk, and Eurodance elements into a dynamic soundscape that remains true to Toro’s distinct identity.
Toro closed out 2018 with a run of sold out US tour dates, ahead of launching the second leg of its US tour. The first leg included 12 shows across the country before concluding on November 17th, with another run of dates to come this month, beginning January 14th in Oakland and including performances at Miami’s iii Points Festival and M3F festival in Phoenix. Toro is also holding an O.P. Mart pop-up in collaboration with Company Studio and Family Affair, which launched December 7th and will run through January 18th at Family Affair Gallery in San Francisco, offering new merch and special appearances.
Hear Outer Peace via NPR’s First Listen above now and stay tuned for more from Toro y Moi coming soon.
What the press is saying about Toro y Moi:
“an upbeat return to form”
“feels like it comes from a wellspring of, fittingly, inner peace”
Paste Magazine
“a contagious twist on robotic disco-funk”
“at once retro and refreshingly avant-garde”
Upcoming Tour Dates
1/14 – Oakland, CA @ New Parish# (Sold Out)
1/15 – San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore% (Sold Out)
1/16 – San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore% (Sold Out)
1/17 – Portland, OR @ 45 East (DJ SET)
1/18 – Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom* (Sold Out)
1/19 – Seattle, WA @ Neptune+ (Sold Out)
1/20 – Seattle, WA @ Neptune+ (Sold Out)
1/23 – Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall^
1/24 – Dallas, TX @ Granada Theater^ (Sold Out)
1/25 – Austin, TX @ Stubb’s BBQ^ (Sold Out)
1/26 – San Antonio, TX @ Paper Tiger^ (Sold Out)
2/15 – Miami, FL @ iii Points Festival (DJ SET)
3/1 – Phoenix, AZ @ M3F Festival
3/20-24 – Boise, ID @ Treefort Music Fest
3/22-23 – New Orleans, LA @ BUKU Music + Art Project
5/26 – London, UK @ All Points East
6/1-2 – Paris, France @ We Love Green
# = w/ Salami Rose Joe Louis
% = w/ Tanukichan
* = w/ Old Grape God
+ = w/ Valley Maker
^ = w/ Wet
adjective: outer, outside; external. “the outer layer of the brain can bruise easily”
synonyms:       outside, outermost, outward, exterior, external, surface
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synonyms:        tranquility, calm, restfulness, peace and quiet,
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Toro y Moi
Outer Peace 
Carpark Records
January 18, 2019
1. Fading
2. Ordinary Pleasure
3. Laws of the Universe
4. Miss Me (feat. ABRA)
5. New House
6. Baby Drive It Down
7. Freelance
8. Who Am I
9. Monte Carlo (feat. WET)
10. 50-50 (feat. Instupendo)
More about Toro y Moi:
Chaz Bear (formerly Bundick) was a musician from birth. Growing up, it was normal to hear music across genres, from Michael Jackson to Elvis Costello to The Specials, in the Bundick household. These influences were quite unique for a biracial kid growing up in South Carolina, contributing to the complexity of Chaz’s self understanding and expression through his own music.
Chaz began playing and recording original compositions in his preteen years, forming multiple indie bands starting in middle school and continuing until his personal project, Toro y Moi, was signed by Carpark Records in 2009. Before getting signed, he was already an incredibly prolific artist, having released over 10 Toro y Moi albums on his own (and undoubtedly retaining a vast compendium of unreleased songs). His personal work drew upon a more vast array of influences than did his full band. Early Toro work called upon Chaz’s childhood exposure to 80’s R&B, pop and electronic music, while also evolving with his discoveries of acts like My Bloody Valentine and J Dilla and his burgeoning interest in French house. Just before his graduation from the University of South Carolina, where he earned a degree in graphic design, Chaz caught the attention of music bloggers and record labels with his dreamy, bedroom recordings, eventually compiled into his first album under Carpark Records, Causers of This.
Causers was one of a few albums to kick off the trend of home-recorded, hazy albums relying heavily on samples and production, evoking the feeling of a muggy, Southern summer. While the album did well and broke ground for Chaz’s career as a musician, it resulted in the widespread assumption that Chaz was a one trick pony, able only to write music similar to that of Causers. He immediately made it clear that he is an extremely dynamic musician with the 2011 release of Underneath the Pine, an album recorded between tours that was composed entirely of live instrumentation, moving away from the sample-based aesthetic of Causers. From then on, Chaz released an album every other year (sometimes more frequently), each one a display of his adeptness with different genres. While each album was distinct and sometimes a complete departure from the previous, Chaz’s unique production techniques and melodic sensibilities tie them all together. Whether listening to the psych rock-based What For? or last year’s R&B influenced Boo Boo, it is always clear that it’s a Toro y Moi album.
The most recent Toro y Moi album, Outer Peace, was written and recorded in the Bay Area after Chaz’s return from a one year stint in Portland. It is somewhat of a homecoming celebration, filled with features by friends and saturated with a playfulness that had not previously been embraced in past Toro albums. Outer Peace stands in contrast to the more sparse and contemplative Boo Boo, an album recorded while in Portland in relative isolation. With Outer Peace, Chaz showcases his ability to remain on the cutting edge of music’s evolution while not taking himself too seriously. There are contemporary hip hop references mixed in with funk, Eurodance and ambient elements, all interwoven expertly and retaining that quintessential Toro y Moi aesthetic. Outer Peace is the most recent step along Toro y Moi’s journey, promising the listener a little slice of insight into the complex and dynamic mind of Chaz Bear.


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