Topshop Pull Out $700 Punk Jacket Because Of Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace

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It’s crazy what one tweet can accomplish! Against Me! frontman Laura Jane Grace noticed that Topshop, a UK based clothing retailer, was selling the punk-inspired jacket shown above, and she tweeted her disapproval to see the name of her band used on the sleeve without having being consulted:

‘Hey ‪@Topshop, you’re selling a $700 leather jacket with my bands name on it and you have no permission. Not cool.’ She wrote on her account. And the retailer was actually very prompt at taking action, tweeting back that the item had been removed from websites and stores, and they acted so fast they probably knew they were not doing something right. The company was visibly trying to get away with a blatant appropriation, hopping nobody would notice, but bad luck, someone was looking.

Of course, The Vandals could also claim their name has been used without their consent and who knows who else was on that thing? The jacket has really disappeared from the website, which means Topshop didn’t want to lose another lawsuit, like the one they lost when Rihanna sued them for using her image on a shirt?

Topshop people are recidivist, ready to steal over and over, so they will do it again, until they manage to sell some of their fake whatever-they-come-up-with next time. The punk look is so hot these days, although it doesn’t mean anything anymore, and this ‘punk’ jacket at $700 made as much sense than a Slayer shirt on Kendal Jenner, which did really happen. At least this is one small battle won thanks to Laura Jane Grace.


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