Too Much Arcade Fire Information For One Day?

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Orpheus and Eurydice by Auguste Rodin

















Is this the cover of the new Arcade Fire album? Some people say so, as New Zealand iTunes is using this picture, showing statues of Greek legends Orpheus and Eurydice by Auguste Rodin, for the upcoming album ‘Reflektor’. Curiously, there are 13 tracks listed, from 1 to 7 then from 1 to 6 – track one being the song ‘Reflektor’ – as if the album was a double album? This is more than fans were hopping for but since we now know that the band released not one, but two videos for the same song, the same day, everything seems possible. And I am not even mentioning that they are the musical guests on SNL’s season opener! Is it too much Arcade Fire information for the same day?

The first video, directed by Vincent Morisset is interactive, but the second one, directed by Anton Corbijn, is a black and white experience, looking like an old-fashioned film noir, as if the band was escaping a catastrophe? A war? I am not sure, but it is very weird. Most of the time, the band members are hiding behind papier-maché bubbleheads of themselves, and singing duo Win Butler and wife Régine Chassagne drive a truck through the dark woods, while the band is playing in the back of the vehicle.

Then the rest turns bizarro-world with a man wearing a costume made of mirrors living in a house of mirrors (is that Bowie in disguise?), a coffin covered of broken CDs (the death of the music industry as we know it? Nah, that would be too concrete compared to the rest), a large disco ball in a field, venerated like a fallen god or an alien coming from the sky, and signals sent to the sky or received from afar?… So good luck at making sense of any of this, but I like the mystery of the movie, it looks a bit like an updated version of a Jean Cocteau movie.

The whole story seems to be a game of mirrors shining into each other, ‘just a reflection of a reflection/of a reflection of a reflection’, a puzzle of mistaken identities (Bubblehead Butler isn’t really Butler at the end?), a maze of mysteries and over-my-head symbolism, with probably some embedded cryptic mythology, ‘I thought I found a way to enter/It’s just a Reflektor/I thought I found the connector/it’s just a Reflektor/Thought you would bring me to the ressurector’… but what about these creepy shining dolls coming from the coffin?? If the lyrics were already cryptic, watching this video surely didn’t help! But I am sure it is very deep, watch it below! 


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