Tomorrow Never Knows: Tuesday, January 2nd, 2019

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Home Alone: The image being projected of an alone for the holidays Donald Trump, isolated in the West Wing, no loved ones (where was Ivanka? We all knew Melania wouldn’t hang out but where were his three sons?), watching Fox News and tweeting and crying to himself like Howard Hughes meets Richard Nixon, is an indelible one. Accurate or otherwise, and to what degree,  notwithstanding, it has the dreamlike quality of an American tragedy, a man who got what he wanted but whose destructive and chaotic instincts left him lurching the country and the world till it spins out of control and all Trump can do is watch and tweet with furious anger.

New Music: Tierra Whack’s current album is killer and “Fuck Off” is a one minute middle finger to an ex. Eddie Palmieri, and Lalo Rodriguez’s Unfinished Masterpiece  from 1975 (named so because Eddie couldn’t stop tinkering with it), long unavailable, and reissued last month, stands as a salsa-jazz  masterpiece.

Old Music: Tomas Doncker and I are ready to review Mayfield’s first solo album Curtis, one of the greatest of his career. Otherwise I am deep in Frank SInatra’s catalog, around 963, and not yet at Atlantic with Aretha Franklin (also 1963)

Concerts: The next two appear to be New Power Generation and King Princess.

More Concerts: Lady Gaga just started her Las Vegas residency and if I could afford it I might well have gone! I bet she got on stage at a reasonable time, you don’t fuck around in Vegas. Here is the setlist:

Act I
(Contains elements of “Just Dance”.)
Just Dance
Poker Face
(contains elements of “John… more )

Act II
(Contains elements of “Dance in the Dark”.)
Dance in the Dark
(First time performed since 2011)
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
(First time performed since 2011)
The Fame
(First time performed since 2011)
(First time performed since 2014)

Government Hooker
(First time performed since 2013)
I’m Afraid of Americans
(David Bowie cover)

Act IV
The Edge of Glory
(Studio Version, First time since 2013)
Million Reasons
Yoü and I

Act V
(Contains elements of “Bad Romance”)
Bad Romance
Born This Way

(Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper cover)

Television: Finished off “The Little Drummer Girl” and I grew to love it, though it took awhile to grow on me and the miscasting persists ti be an annoyance (Grade: B+). The problem with Taylor Swift’s Netflix, last night of her US 2018 Reputation tour is simple enough: reputation isn’t a great album and however gifted a presentation we get, as we always do, a set that oversells the latest release and relegates a lot of oldies to medleys (Grade: B+).

Movies: “Stan And Ollie” -a return to the greatest comedy duo of all time in the twilight of their career, found Steve Coogan (Stan Laurel) and Oliver Hardy (John C. Reilly) on a tour of England and Ireland in 1953, performing their greatest hits and basking in the adoration of their public one last time (Grade: A). “Aquaman” is exactly what you hoped it was and a real treat, just a lot of fun, and kudos to Jason Momoa for getting the role just right (Grade: B).

Concerts In 2019: No big predictions so here is one I know for sure: Bad Bunny!

Cut the cord: I cancelled my cable -I watch it very seldom  if ever, and it is very expensive.

Prediction: Three years after Latin music began to morph again, 2019 it is going mainstream. And maybe, just maybe, a better year for rock and roll.

Theatre: I was so upset by Lauren Ambrose’s harsh vibe performance as Eliza Doolittle that when Lauren left the production I returned to see what Tony Award winner Laura Benanti could do with the role at the Vivian Beaumont. The answer is, she did a great deal. It took awhile for the performance to click in and around the middle of Act One, Laura’s “Just You Wait,” it was past the hump. The second act was a masterpiece and “Without You” rewarded director Bartley Sher’s attempt to update MFL without touching it, with as powerful a break apart from traditional sex roles as the show has ever presented (Grade: A-).

Death: Ray Sawyer, lead singer of Dr. Hook, you may know him from the one eyed bandit look, maybe “Cover Of The Rolling Stone,” I remember him from “Sylvia’s Mother”.  I was dating a girl named Sylvia, didn’t last long, and this song reminds me of her… where is she now? No idea… RIP Ray… Shel Silverstein wrote it… well, who else, right?


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