Tomorrow Never Knows: Thursday, October 4th, 2018

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Death: Two big names left us. Geoff Emerick, the Beatles engineer and second in command viz constructing the Beatles recorded sound. He also produced Elvis Costello and the Attractions’ masterpiece Imperial Bedroom. The other person is international recording artist and movie star Charles Aznavour, the definition of the man least likely to be a heartthrob. The Armenian national hero started his career writing with Edith Piaf for eight years before hitting pop big time in 1956. He never looked back and in one of my countries of origin, Lebanon, he was a national hero. His greatest movie role was in Truffaut’s “Shoot The Piano Player,” his biggest song was,  in the USA anyway, “Yesterday When I Was Young”. He was 94.

New Music: Logic’s YFSIV is a return to the boom bat and a biggie, Weezy’s newbie is too long but at its best is major, Graham Parker falls outside the cracks of time, in the mid-90s, never mind the mid-70s, it might have been major.

Old Music: The Paul McCartney catalog is completed and waiting for me to write down the final review (Pure McCartney!), Frank is circling as we have one final Capitol recording, and the Impressions is awaiting the completion of Tomas Doncker’s European tour to get back to work with it. Finally, I hope to start on the Aretha catalog next week. Also, the Joe Strummer 001 Playlist on Spotify is well worth your time.

Concerts: What do call a Christina Aguilera concert featuring “Bombs Over Baghdad.” “So Fresh, So Clean,” “Mrs. Jones” and more? You call it Big Boi’s opening set and Radio City Music Hall yesterday. I am on vacation next week and am happily juggling concerts. So far I go Leon Bridges, Troye Sivan, Eagles, Nine Inch Nails…

Kavanaugh: This won’t be popular but of all the Judges sins, getting drunk, pursuing girls, and, er, getting drunk, his only sin I can see is forcing himself on a fifteen-year-old girl. As for lying about what the devil’s triangle was as he was battered long and hard by the Senators… what did you want him to stay? However, just to put this in perspective, if Kavanaugh was a 17-year-old black male he would be tried as an adult and awaiting years in prison for his actions. If this sounds ambiguous, well, that’s because it is. With the exception of Christine Blasey Ford, everybody involved in this shitshow has been beyond contempt. As for the Judge, since when is Saint Francis Of Assisi the patron saint of the Supreme Court.

Literature: My novel “Memory Motel” is coming to an end (another month or so) and the short story “Mid Tempo” has its first draft coming to an end.

Sports: Nice win by the Yanks over the A’s to take the Wild card. The Division battle starts Friday at Fenway. The Giants and the Jets need to get their act together: out of a combined eight games the NFL losers have won a combined 2 – that’s .250

USA: If this is how we act when everything is going great, god help the world if we are ever under duress…

What’s in A Name: Not Much but I never much liked “Jam Today” so I changed the name of this occasional column.


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